112 Vision Board Ideas & Examples to Create A Vision Board Unique to You

vision board ideas and examples

Last year, I wrote an article about vision board examples and ideas, which people loved. So I decided to update that article for this new year.

I have gone through Instagram and chosen the most exciting vision boards that people shared, and created an excellent selection for you.

You can also read some inspiring Instagram posts related to vision boards and see the pictures of people while creating their vision boards.

Still, remember that the vision board you will create will be unique.

All these vision board ideas and examples will inspire you to create your vision board unique to you!

So, let’s start.


#1. Vision board goals

Creating your vision board by writing your goals under each category can be an idea.


#2. Vision board 5 year plan

Check this vision board of the girl boss, from 3 months to 5 years.


#3. The guest toilet vision board

What about creating vision boards for a different project of yours. Check this example of a vision board for a toilet project 🙂


#4. Vision board with shells

Have you ever thought about adding different objects to your vision board besides pictures and words? Find the shells in this vision board.


#5. Vision board with many words

There is no rule such as these many pictures or words in a vision board. For example, in this vision board, there are many many words.


#6. Vision board directions: things I hold dear the most

Let’s listen what jesuis_line says:

I don’t know how to call it: a vision board, a mood board or just some random pictures stuck on my wall. In any case, I love looking at them every morning when I wake up, as they remind me of all of the things I hold dear the most: reading 📖, writing ✍🏻, painting 🎨, travelling 🧳, dancing 💃🏻… and why not? Love, Rosie – my absolute favorite film.


#7. Can a vision board be just words?

The process/ritual of creating the vision board will help you to embody those dreams.


#8. Vision board reimagined

What if using different frame shapes for our vision board?

Even though the frame in this image is not a vision board, this has inspired me to use different frame shapes for the vision boards we create. 

That is why I wanted to add it here. 


#9. Vision board for teens

Create your vision board with your loved ones, even when they are young.

I loved seeing this image.

I am not sure if we see a mother and daughter, but what a beautiful way to connect with your daughter while creating your visions together.

From her words:

“Manifesting the Future ✨
Today Sophia and I sat down and made our Vision Boards. We talked about her goals and my goals and what it’s going to take to make them happen. Making a Vision Board gives you a direct path to the future. Everyday you know exactly what you are working for. I’m so glad to instill this in Sophia at such a young age. I want her to always reach for the stars ✨
Do you make Vision Boards for the Year?”


#10. Teaching kids to create vision boards

Would you like to teach your kids to create a vision board?

Check athomewithtoyin’s intention of creating a vision board this year:

“I want to encourage you to take the time to write your goals down and surround yourself with people that will support your goals.

My goal is to teach my girls how to set goals and how to work towards achieving them. Namaste 🙏🏾”


#11. Hang your vision board behind your computer

Hanging your vision board behind your computer, so you can check every day“ I needed a place to get all the of the things I want to manifest out of my head… and what better place than behind the desk I sit in front of each day.”


#12. Vision board the first thing I see

“My vision board is just where I wake up every day, as the first thing I see.”

The first thing you see can be your vision board when you wake up. It could even be composed of 8 cards in total to remind you of your goals.

Check the image from findyourownhope


#13. Vision board questions: what skills do you want to develop this year?

Let ca_mrsn inspire us:

“So, my question to you is: What skills do you want to develop this year? Not „Who do you want to be in 2022?“

…. but „What the f…. are you doing in 2022?“

What are you improving at? What are you learning and gaining? Instead of thinking about what you want to achieve in the new year, ask yourself, „What do I want to be good at that I’m not?“ Then get to work at it. And the beauty of focusing on skills is that it’s never done.”


#14. vision board tips: vision board that shows how you want to feel this year

Justraw.designs says; 

“The use of a vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things you want.”


#15. Inspiration board vs vision board

An inspiration board is a way to collect ideas and set the direction for a new creative project. Here you are seeing an inspiration board of marriedandahouse’s “homemaking project.”

It is very similar to the vision board, so I wanted to share this one for inspiration. 


#16. What about a vision board wall? 

Instead of collaging on poster paper, you can use the wall as the paper. And even this can be an ongoing vision board. 


#17. How big should my vision board be


#18. Do you want to create a vision board for your fitness planner?

You can also choose to create a vision board in just a specific area of your life, such as fitness planner. Check this example out.


#19. A black and white vision board

There are many things I can say about this vision board. For example, it is just in front of the bed, so it is a great way to wake up and remember your dreams. 

Second, it is enormous and beautifully designed. 

However, the real thing I want to say is that it is black and white! So, if you liked this effect, you can consider having a similar one. 

Finding images can be a problem via magazines. Instead, you can find them online and offline and print or photocopy them in black and white.


#20. Vision board as wallpaper

“Last year I did it digitally, but I never looked at it, so for this year… I’ll be saving it as my desktop on my computer, my iPad + on my iPhone, so that I’m constantly looking at it + reminded of my goals!”


#21. One picture vision board

What about just one picture and some words on it. Is that simple your style?


#22. Green vision board

I like the green, calming effect of this vision board.


#23. Creating vision board on Canva

“I had tons of fun creating this vision board on Canva!! It was so easy to do!”


#24. Creating vision board as a family

I loved to read Mamahood.adventures‘s words:

“I’m a huge believer in vision boards, manifesting our goals visually so we can get a jump start on making them a reality. This was the first time we did this activity as a family and it was a success. I loved to see the boys go through the process and feel proud of their boards. It’s a great activity for all ages because the littles can find pictures they like and practice their cutting, too.

✏️ Supplies you need:

  • magazines, print out and/or stickers
  • scissors and glue
  • poster board

📝 Process:

  • I helped them list their goals and interests for the year. Short and sweet so we can keep revisiting this visual for inspiration
  • Gave them picture examples based on what they said. Dominic wants to play baseball so I told him to keep an eye on a baseball or diamond.
  • time to cut and paste (it’s a fabulous fine motor activity for the littles)
  • Practice reading! This was a great time for my oldest to find words and practice his reading
  • Show and tell – they had the option to talk about their boards, great way to build confidence and add details

This is definitely a family tradition we are going to do in the first of the year! I felt a sense of calmness and an opportunity to feel centered after the holidays. Plus, it was a great family bonding activity.”


#25. Vision board in the middle of the room

Your vision board can be in the middle of the room both as a reminder and as a design collage.


#26. 2 Vision boards per year

“At the start of July I set myself a goal of creating a vision board for the second half of the year. I created one at the start of the year & really love it as a reference to come back to & focus on, so here’s to the next part of 2021 let’s make it a good’un!”


#27. It is like magic

“It’s like if you create a visual layout of what you want to see in your life and have a goal in mind, your energy and thoughts circulate around those things and you end up making them happen for yourself.* It’s like magic!”

#28. 6 Steps of creating a vision board

Nice wisdom from sarahprout:

“1. Place it in your constant awareness⁣

👁 Put your board somewhere you will see it often so it can imprint itself into your subconscious mind.⁣

2. Tune into the feeling of gratitude⁣

🌸 When you take the time to look at your board, tune into the feeling of gratitude as if you have already manifested your desires.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

3. Remember the phrase: ‘This or something better’⁣

✨ It’s natural to feel the doubt and fear rise up within your heart, so just remember that everything unfolds as it should in perfect Divine timing.

What the Universe delivers is always for the greater good of your ultimate soul expansion.⁣

4. Don’t feel the need to explain yourself to others⁣

🤦🏻‍♀️ If you happen to have a photo of your ideal soulmate or dream home glued on your vision board and someone questions you, feel free to ignore them and change the direction of the conversation.

It’s no one else’s business what your goals, dreams, wishes and desires are. You are worthy enough to manifest whatever you want.⁣

5. Take a photo of your vision board⁣

📸 An added method of making sure your subconscious mind is being imprinted and prepared to receive your desires is to take a photo of your vision board and use it as wallpaper on your phone or desktop.

This provides an added way of ensuring that your awareness is activated in more ways than just one.⁣

6. Trust in the Universe⁣

🦄 Always use your vision board as an opportunity to believe beyond what you can see. The Universe loves you and is looking after your best interests. The Universe also trusts you implicitly, so will you return the favor. “


#29. Vision board list

Who says you need pictures for vision board. Maybe you do not.


#30. 2 page vision board



#31. Vision board on a bullet journal

This bullet journal vision board resulted from a lovely ritual to take all those words in!


#32. Love yourself a little extra

Colorful one!


#33. Do not stress over what you can not control


#34. When to make a vision board?

“We’Re MoRe ThAn HaLfWaY tHrOuGh ThE mOnTh Of JaNuArY aNd YoU sTiLl HaVeN’t MaDe a ViSiOn BoArD oF yOuR gOaLs YeT?” 🥴

If someone has shared a sentiment with you like the one above, simply ignore them.

You can set your annual goals on New Year’s, the first day of summer ☀️ (really missing it on a day like yesterday 😂), heck you don’t even have to set them at all.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to participate in something that doesn’t suit you.

Do things YOUR way — YOUR life is YOURS to live at YOUR own pace!”


#35. Look closely at the present you are constructing, it should look like the future you are dreaming

“What are you doing with your present moment? If you’re not working on your current circumstances then what do you think will change? Absolutely nothing!✋

Make each present moment count and by count I mean fill it with joy. Without JOY now there will be no JOY later. Without VISION now there will be no VISION later.

Remember, it all starts with what you do now. GO! ✨”


#36. One word resolutions

“I’ve never been a fan of new years resolutions. instead i have an overarching focus for the year — my one word. ⁣

Recently i began the habit of also making a vision board to go along with my word and goals.

There’s a lot of science behind visualization and instilling these ideas into our subconscious.

Seeing the goals daily makes your brain familiar with them and in turn you subconsciously make decisions that align with those ideas. ⁣

⁣This years word is renew and the quote in the center is my main focus.”


#37.Pink vision board


#38. Mood CEO

Professional success is on the air! Good luck.


#39. I am creating the life of my dreams

Another calming one.


#40. Do not disturb, currently vision boarding

I loved to share backstage photos from people while creating their vision boards. I love these images.

“DO NOT DISTURB- Currently vision boarding and working on my BEST SELF.”


#41. Vision board with reminders

A different vision board with stickers.


#42. Vision board love and relationship

I see love effect here. This image in the middle definitely is calling a vibe.


#43. Finding my tribe

What a powerful message in the middle.


#44. Financial freedom

Money vibes.


#45. Vision board magazines

Another image of the creation process.


#46. Your biggest commitment to you

“Last year I started regularly practicing gratitude, intentional manifestation and just overall belief in the universe, and in doing so, I watched my entire life change.

I accomplished everything I imagined and more.

There is no doubt in my mind that this year will be bigger and better!!!!

It feels silly at first, but physically writing out/seeing your goals and saying them out loud, is the first step in making them happen.

SOOOOOO tell me your biggest and wildest dreams for 2022!!!!



#47. Vision board yoga

A vision board which takes the yoga in the middle.


#48. Vision board with illustrations

There is a story here—a story to the creator’s subconscious.


#49. You are exactly where you need to be

“Definitely making this my wallpaper on my phone so I can look at it daily.”


#50. Girl, do it for you


#51. Minimalist vision board


#52. Vision board with logos


#53. Quality time


#54. Vision board questions

“Without a vision for your future, you will always return to your past.”


#55. Vision board for manifestation

MANIFEST is my personal word of the year for 2022. I plan on manifesting my dreams into reality.


#56. I will do big things


#57. Vision board real estate

“Keeping my goals for 2022 short & simple as I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself!

Plus this year I want to enjoy life a bit more and work less! Uni & work really had me in a chokehold this past year!!! ⁣😮‍💨

⁣I’ve been grinding for three years straight & want this year to be a bit slower paced, want to step out of my comfort zone more, try new things & see more of my friends 🤎

More enjoyment 2022 basically!⁣”


#58. My ways of being creative


#59. Vision board with objects

🌟🤩 The gorgeous inspiration board of @happlify (can you spot my card?). January is for people to make visionboards and seek fresh inspiration for the year to come, this is such a great example!


#60. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

“The dream is your starting point to reality. It must first exist in your mind before it can become your reality.

If you’re a Thinker or an analytical, understand that the ability to dream beyond your current reality, beyond where you can plan, is the fundamental ingredient in achieving a new outcome.

It might seem silly or pointless, but nothing else will work if the dream is not identified, wanted and made clear from the beginning.”


#61. Vision board health

“V I S U A L I Z E 2 0 2 2

what you focus on expands


dec. 2021 : envisioning

beg 2022 : making

mid 2022 : it

end 2022 : happen

here’s my vision board for this coming year & beyond! it’s a mix of short & long term goals, dreams, desires, emotions, experiences & more!

i designed this to focus on how I want to feel and to continue to serve as a piece of inspiration & reminder each and every day

this is me manifesting my goals into reality. things I want to accomplish. behaviors I want to reflect in me. opportunities i want to seize, etc.

if this has ever crossed your mind, this is your SIGN! make a vision board! set aside some time & manifest it! it’s a new year, an opportunity to actually “start tomorrow”

even if you don’t make one, comment a goal or dream or anything you want to set into action for 2022 ♡”


#62. Vision board for business


#63. Progress, not perfection


#64. Vision board party, vision board day


#65. Magazines for vision board

“Spending this week deep in thought and in full creative mode as I lay out my intentions for 2022.

It’s a refresh year where I vow to live more in the creative spaces that nurture my soul and mind.”


#66. Vision board journal


#67. Backstage: vision board how to

“Last year my mantra was OWN IT: OWN who you are, who you are scared to be, and who you are meant to be.

I worked incredibly hard on my confidence and took myself out of my comfort zone to really ask what I wanted.

I set my vision board as my screensaver on my phone so that I had a daily reminder of what I was working towards.

This really worked wonders on me everyday!!!

Please take time this year to set your goals and manifest your dreams.

What I’ve learned is that whatever you have dreamed for yourself dream BIGGER!!!

I’m no longer afraid to ask for what I want and what I am worth.

This year my motto is: IT’S MY TIME!

Whatever that means will reveal itself and I’m ready for it! Let’s do this 2022!!!”


#68. Pictures on the wall


#69. Vision board ideas for kids: family tradition


We get together as a family, we share a coffee, we laugh, we cry, we dream and pray together to God for our dreams and goals for the year, an unrepeatable time, Vision board as a family !!

You can do it with your family too!”


#70. Vision board for friendship

“Vision boards/visuals of friendship goals to help you manifest the friendships you want, especially in today’s era that might make it difficult for you to make new friends.”


#71. Pictures and reminders


#72. Vision board outline: five years from now


#73. Simple vision board

“Some of the things I would like to achieve this year are;

1.Hitting 10k on insta

2.Shopping at local bookstores

3.Limit the amount of books I am buying (quality over quantity) ex: borrow books from the library or on my ipad to avoid unnecessary purchases

5.Just have fun reading

It’s not much but I am so excited for a full year of reading!”


#74. Vision board night with mom

“2022 vision board night with my mom🤍🥂

love love love vision boards and having something to reflect back on at the year’s end.👀

✨Focusing this year on less ~things~ and more concepts and energies I hope to encompass daily. A messy, fun, and free life for me in 2022. 💃🏼”


#75. Programming brain for success

“It’s national vision board day!! Visualization and actually writing down your goals ACTUALLY helps, I promise! It’s like programming your brain for success.

It helps keep your goals top of mind.

It allows you to make decisions to move towards progress.

It’s fun and really freaking cute.”


#76. Vision board for students

A vision board guide for children. Consider these ideas if you are thinking to make a vision board with children.


#77. Colorful painting


#78. Fitness vision board

Need some extra motivation sticking to your New Year’s wellness resolutions?! 


#79. Wish for it, work for it, get it


#80. Travel the world


#81. Proud and productive

“2022 VISION BOARD!✨ This is definitely one of my favourite spreads to make when I set up a new bullet journal!!

Here I tried to include everything I want to do, change and achieve during 2022!!

Some of my goals are being more consistent and productive, caring more about myself, spending more time with my friends and living some adventures together, exploring my art passion and starting a small business… “


#82. Preparing space for vision board

“let’s vision board your 2022 〰️

step 1 ✨ set the mood. grab a candle or your fave scent and make your space a sanctuary.

step 2 ✨ reflect. meditate and journal on where you want to be 1 year from now. what main areas do you want to grow in? what does your 2022 self feel/act/look like?

step 3 ✨ get creative. grab scissors, glue, posterboard + a stack of magazines. cut out any images, colors and words that fit your vision and/or call to you ✨ i love seeing what the magazines hold for me each year 💫

step 4 ✨ layer it on. start with bigger images, colors and patterns as the base and layer your words on top. there’s no wrong way to do this, so have fun with it 🙃

step 5 ✨ get specific. it’s all about the details. write in any words to complete your ask and vision. clear asks = clear af results ⚡️

step 6 ✨ manifest it! visualize it, feel it, allow yourself to step into your vision now.”


#83. Beautiful chaos

“Sometimes the mess you make in the process of becoming clear with your vision,

is part of the beauty of the creation itself.

Our life doesn’t happen over night.

The journey is created by our daily choices that we link together to make something incredible.

It only takes one choice at a time.

You ready to create beautiful chaos in 2022?

It’s going down, with or without you.”


#84. Painting on the wall as a vision board


#85. Vision board sections and categories


#86. Vision board without words


#87. Vision board collage

“2022 Vision Board 👓 I have this huge dry erase board directly across from my desk but found I didn’t use it much for that purpose, so I decided that this year I’d use it as a place to host some of the words, reminders, and visuals that inspire me.

Another thing I did was leave some room for evolution as new desires spark through the year.”


#89. Vision board quotes and pictures

2022 mood ✨

I got really into Pinterest over the lockdown so I want to put this here to remind myself of all the vibes I want in my life 🤗

More warm fuzzies, adventures, laughs, time with those I care about, time with myself and time outside, trying new things, going to new places, embracing my style, committing to intentions, self care, manifesting, enjoying small magical moments and a whole lotta love 🤎


#90. Vision board and goal setting


#91. Vision board categories


#92. Vision board digital to paper

What about preparing your vision board digitally and then print it out?


#93. Vision board drawing

Drawing a vision board can be a nice idea depending on your skills.


#94. Vision board values

“Many of you told me that you wanted to become more organized & my first tip would be is create a vision board. It sounds crazy, but having a physical reminder keeps you on track.

It helps you stay accountable and motivates you to improve ✨

Here are some other reasons why you should start planning out your vision board:

• Provided focus

• Boosts happiness

• Increases productivity

• Improves self-image & confidence”


#95. Vision board book

“Instead of doing a traditional vision board this year, I decided to create a vision book board.

I thought of the traits and intentions I wanted to bring into the new year and these books sum them up beautifully.

This year I want to maintain and manifest beautiful relationships, courageous actions, mindful living, and collective care.

The pandemic has truly helped me focus on what’s most important and silence the noise of everything else.”


#96. Where to put vision board


#97. Vision board background


#98. Vision board size

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life. Create a vision ~ then turn it into your reality 🦋”


#99. Vision board affirmations


#100. Vision board business

“Made a vision board for my art page.

How cute does it look in the frame??? I’ve got it hung up on my wall above my computer and I love the little reminder of all of my goals and visions for 2022!!”


#101. Vision board art


#102. Vision board notebook


#103. Vision board aesthetic


#104. Vision board for couples

You can create a collaborative vision board with your partner.


#105. Map of my dreams


#106. Vision board notebook


#107. Vision board wallpaper


#108. Vision board on phone and computer


#109. How often to look at vision board?


#110. Vision board topics


#111. Vision board vs mood board


#112. Vision board topics



This post is a result of collective dreaming wisdom.

After checking so many marvelous vision board ideas, you are ready to create yours.

First, I recommend you relax; you can use a guided meditation before a vision board. Check it here.

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Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. so you can pin it to your Vision Board!

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