What Does a Cat Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a cat spirit animal mean and symbolize

Cat spirit animal is the symbol of unpredictability, balance, harmony, and intelligence. However, the real question is what does a Cat spirit animal mean and symbolize for you?

Are Cats coming into your life, from time to time?

Suddenly do you see Cats entering inside your house, appearing God knows from where?

Do you have a Cat spirit animal?

Do Cats choose your house to give birth or to sleep or to rest, besides all those neighbors?

Or maybe simply you are seeing Cats these days which takes your special attention?

If you are reading this blog post because your intuition and senses whisper to you to pay special attention to the symbolism of the Cats, welcome!

You can read here my experience of Cats appearing in my home repeatedly and how I have read its symbolism.

Let’s start! Shall we?

What does the Cat spirit animal symbolize?

Cat spirit animals symbolize independent mood, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power.

Cat spirit animals have always been identified with magic in ancient civilizations.

The Cat symbolizes creativity, supernatural powers, and mystery on the tarot cards.

What does a black Cat symbolize?

In the Celtic tradition, in the Celtic region where the foundations of witchcraft were believed to be laid, the Cat was associated with hidden powers and black magic.

Therefore unloved, even black-colored ones were sometimes sacrificed.

With the effect of this belief, the thought that the black Cat brought bad luck spread and reached today.

Karl Arthur, who is made to believe that a Cat named Cath Palug is harming society, has a story about him killing the Cat.

It is possible to see fairies and even the extraordinary world by looking into the eyes of a Cat according to Celtic belief.

The Cat is associated with the Moon.

The Moon Goddess has been portrayed in two different ways in many cultures: both as a virgin and as an old woman leaning forward.

The moon and the Cat represent it contain symbolism of being more than what is seen, beyond feminine.

What does a white Cat symbolize?

In South American folk tales, the white Cat is a sign of an imagined success, a win in love and money.

Moreover, it means that everything will return to normal at the end of the troubled anticipation.

Cat spirit animal symbolism in Islam

Cats have a positive symbolic meaning in the Islamic tradition.

There is a story that a Cat protected Prophet Mohammad from a snake.

Moreover, another story explains that Prophet Mohammad cut off his shirt in order not to wake the sleeping Cat.

Cat spirit animal symbolism in ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, Cats had an especially important place.

Some Cats were worshiped, and the Cats were mummified and hid in the pyramids of the pharaohs.

What does spirit animal Cat mean spiritually?

If you are seeing Cats in this world-reality or if a Cat spirit animal appears in your shamanic journey, you will discover what does it mean for you symbolically.

Still as a starting point and reference, here are some points which could help you.

If a Cat spirit animal appears to you, it is a sign that a mysterious and positive period in life will begin.

It points out the need to clarify one’s point of view, that this is how it will be possible for new ideas to emerge and come true.

Cats will give you the power for self-confidence and courage.

If you need to be independent, Cats will support you. If you need to use your talents and start new projects, Cats come to show it is a perfect time.

Cats are full of opposites; when they hunt, they are super focused, when they rest, they are super relaxed and go to sleep in seconds.

When they want you to love them, they are super cute. Whereas when they are angry, they can show it scratching. They do not hide anything, they are real.

They come to show us that there is another reality in our deep inside.

Even though we learn to live according to society, we still have another identity inside which is not limited, still wild.

We are a mixture of opposites as the Cats. Each of us is looking at our own balance and harmony of these different realities.

Cats come to show you to focus by electing your priorities, otherwise, you would lose the signals of life on the way.

What does it spiritually mean when a Cat shows up at your door?

Since I have my kids, Cats appear in my life, showing up at my door suddenly for some days, once or twice a year.

As nothing is, this is neither a pure coincidence and it has symbolic meaning to consider.

As in shamanic journeys also in this world-reality, you are the one who will be the follower of the signals.

You are also the interpreter of the symbols. Life is talking to you and the universe is in connection with you via signals.

This is your unique language special for you and the universe.

I have learned again and again thanks to the messages of the Cats that were coming to my house.

Why does a Cat keep coming to my house and what does this mean spiritually?

Ibn Arabi and Tao who lived with the difference of many years and km difference, in different time and space realities both said the same thing.

They both told us that this world we live in is not real-world, but this is a dream.

This does not mean that this world’s reality is meaningless or not worthy. Not at all.

They simply say that this world we live in is full of symbols as in dreams and each of us needs to pay attention to these symbols to understand the reality behind the veils.

Several years ago, just a day after channeling a spiritual song talking about “tevhid” unity beside duality, having one black Cat and one white Cat in the middle of the night, coming from nowhere, was giving me this message of Ibn Arabi and Tao.

These symbols are like onions.

They are so deep and do not have a starting point or ending.

You can interpret them from different perspectives again and again free from time and space limits.

Suddenly you can see what it means for you in a moment that would leave you with the feeling of awe.

You can read more about the full story here in this article.


Cats are powerful animals that are respected by our ancestors in all different ancient pearls of wisdom all around the world during human history.

You will see them at the exact time when you will need support, magic, power, and creativity.

They will come to connect you to yourself and to show you that what you are seeking is also seeking you and the only place to find is deep inside your own realities.

You will learn to be true to yourself with the guidance of Cat spirit animals and slowly you will activate your own supernatural power which would be the keys to the entrance of an unpredictable world of balance and harmony.

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