What Does a Dragonfly Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a dragonfly spirit animal mean and symbolise

Are you intuitively withdrawn to dragonflies? Maybe you are wearing dragonfly jewelry, and you do not know why? Whatever your reason is for being here reading this article, it is not a pure coincidence. You ask; What Does a Dragonfly Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

Dragonfly spirit animals symbolize love, freedom, adaptation, loyalty, and joy. Still, the importance is what does it mean for your specific situation.

That is why I have created this blog post, trying to respond to all FAQs about the dragonflies. I hope it will serve you. Enjoy!

What does the dragonfly spirit animal mean?

Dragonflies have been living among us since ancient times. They have amazing adaptability and transformation power. Hence, a spirit animal dragonfly is the one that can guide you through the journey of your uncertain life.

We face frequent changes in our life. Sometimes we know what to do, sometimes we don’t. And when we don’t, our spirit animal can help us. Dragonfly spirit animals also can guide us with their great wisdom.

However, there are around 3,000 species of dragonflies. Different dragons can mean different things. So, I have covered below the meaning of some of the most common dragonfly spirit animals:

Spirit animal red dragonfly

Red dragonflies are mostly found in European countries. The color red represents passion and love. If you lack love in your life, a red dragonfly spirit animal can help you.

Spirit animal blue dragonfly

Spirit animal blue dragonflies teach us to adapt to different situations. Changes are inevitable in life. Hence, there’s no alternative to moving forward. This often brings positive results in the long run and makes you happy. That’s why people in different cultures believe blue dragonflies are a sign of good luck.

When talking about blue dragonflies, Poet Ruby Archer wrote:

“O fluttering, gauzy mystery,

Frail-winged creature, glimmering, fleeing,

Thou art but a tinted ecstasy,—

A joy with life and a tireless being.”

Blue Dragonfly, Ruby Archer.

Tiger dragonfly spirit animal

Tiger dragonflies rarely roam around in the open and they’re very different in nature than other dragonflies. Their black and yellow color gave them the nickname tiger. Spirit animal tiger dragonfly reminds us of it’s okay to be different. You are unique and you don’t need to be like others always. However, you also can read about the spirit animal tiger once you finish this article.

Damselfly spirit animal

Damselflies are very similar to dragonflies and people often mix them. However, due to their identical visuals & nature, they share many similarities as spirit animals too. Damselflies can fly both in the front direction and backward. Therefore, they can help your spirit to navigate in life. If you ever lose your path and don’t know which way to go, a damselfly spirit animal can help you.

Cherokee dragonfly meaning

Cherokee has an interesting legend about the dragonfly. The homeworld of Cherokee, Pleiades is a water world. And there was also the serpent dragon and a Cherokee coyote. The coyote was a trickster and wanted what power the serpent dragon had. But he couldn’t, so tricked a beautiful dragon to shift shape into a dragonfly and help him know all the secrets.

After a few times when the dragonfly understood the true motive of the coyote, she returned to the water world and saved herself. But it was too late and couldn’t get back to her previous shape of a dragon. This is considered the story of the origin of the dragonflies in Native Indian culture. From this story, the theory came that when a dragonfly is around a snake, the snake can’t see her.

Swarm of dragonflies meaning

Swarms of dragonflies usually indicate they are feeding on little insects. For them, it’s good news. So, the spiritual meaning of the swarm of dragonflies also indicates good luck.

Spirit animal dead dragonfly

A spirit animal dead dragonfly represents transformation. Death is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. People often use dead dragonflies as a metaphor for life and death. It conveys a message that the old soul must depart, so a new one can make its way.

Can a dragonfly be a spirit animal?

If you have lost your path in life and don’t know where to go, a spirit animal dragonfly can show you the way. It has amazing navigation power. Besides, it knows how to adapt to different situations.

Hence, a dragonfly can be a spirit animal. When it enters someone’s life as a spirit animal, magic can happen in his life.

Sri Lankan author Ama H.Vanniarachchy quotes:

“Magic is seeing wonder in nature’s every little thing, seeing how wonderful the fireflies are and how magical are the dragonflies.”

But what does it mean if your spirit animal is a dragonfly? Well, it can mean so many different things. Understanding different dragonfly symbolism will be helpful to find the meaning.

Spirit animal dragonfly symbolism

Spirit animal dragonflies have much positive symbolism in different cultures. Based on which type of dragonfly it is, the meaning also varies. I have explained everything below separately, so you understand them better.

What does a dragonfly spirit animal symbolize and represent?

A spirit animal dragonfly symbolizes transformation, adaptability, joy, love, and inner strength.

Since the ancient period, they’ve been living in this world. They’ve survived many adverse periods with their amazing transformation and adaptability power.

Below are the symbolisms of different types of dragonflies:

What does a blue dragonfly symbolize?

Blue dragonflies symbolize the power to adapt to changes. After birth, the larvae stay under the water. You may have thought dragonflies only roam around beneath the open sky. But the truth is they spend most of their life under the water. That’s why you’ll find dragonflies only near any kind of water source. After spending their life in the water, they come in the open air as adults. And they instantly adapt to the new environment.

What does a red dragonfly symbolize?

Red dragonfly is very popular in Japanese Cultures. You’ll often find them in Japanese Haiku poems. Red dragonflies represent the autumn season in the culture.

There is also a famous traditional children’s song in Japan titled “Akatombo.” It means “Red Dragonfly.” English translation of the first verse of the song is:

” Dragonflies,  as red as sunset,

Back when I was young

In twilight skies, there on

her back I’d ride

When the day was done”

Akatombo (Red Dragonfly), Rofu Miki

What does a dragonfly tattoo symbolize?

People often get dragonfly tattoos on their bodies. The meaning of the tattoo varies across cultures. But in general, people get dragonfly tattoos as a symbol of spiritual growth, freedom as they fly independently, and transformation.

What does a dead dragonfly symbolize?

A dead dragonfly symbolizes life and death. Many Native American tribes believe dead dragonflies are messages from their loved ones who have died recently. The dead people send dragonflies to assure that their soul lives in the afterlife. 

Prophetic meaning of dragonfly

In Vietnamese culture, people believe dragonflies can predict the weather. If you see a swarm of dragonflies three to four meters above the ground, it probably means rain is on the way. In contrast, if they fly high, it’s a sunny day ahead.

Is a dragonfly a good omen?

Many cultures across the world see dragonflies as a good omen. In Chinese Feng Shui symbolism, the dragonfly represents prosperity, happiness, and new insights. That’s why it’s widely believed that dragonflies are a good omen.

Is a red dragonfly good luck?

Haiku poetries in Japan represent red dragonflies as the symbol of strength and happiness. They consider these insects very sacred. More importantly, the Japanese believe red dragonflies bring good luck.

What does seeing a dragonfly symbolize and represent?

Dragonflies can visit you due to multiple reasons. If I had to guess, I would tell you that these colorful insects are coming to you as your spirit animal. They’re trying to communicate with you and send some messages. Going on a Shamanic Journey can be a great way to interpret their messages for you.

What does seeing a blue dragonfly mean?

If you see a blue dragonfly, it probably means a change is on the way. You need to be prepared to adapt yourself to the new path of your life.

What does seeing a dead dragonfly mean?

A dead dragonfly will often tell you about transformation. Probably a new chapter will start soon in life. You need to seek guidance from your spirit animal dragonfly to get the best out of this transformation.

What is the significance of a dragonfly landing on you?

If you’re still confused about the transformation in life, a dragonfly will land on you to convince you that it’s the perfect time for a change. It also can mean happiness is on the way.

Is it good luck to see a dragonfly?

In different cultures, people consider dragonflies sacred and a symbol of prosperity & happiness. Native American tribe Navajo uses dragonflies as a symbolic meaning of happiness and purity. Hence, you can say it’s good luck to see a dragonfly. If you see a dragonfly, maybe something good is going to happen to you.

Is a dragonfly a sign from heaven?

Many Native American tribes see dragonflies as a sign from heaven sent by their loved ones. Usually, the people from heaven try to say that their souls are in a good place after death.

What does a dragonfly represent spiritually?

A spirit animal dragonfly believed to be representing spiritual growth. Their beautiful colors indicate the happiness your soul deserves.

Dragonflies are living in the world many years before the dinosaurs. Later the dinosaurs couldn’t survive, but dragonflies are still among us. They’ve transformed themselves to adapt to the new environment. As spirit animals, they also can help you to bring change in life to survive.

What is the spiritual meaning of a red dragonfly?

Red dragonflies often represent autumn, which represents a new season and natural growth. Hence, if you have a red dragonfly as your spirit animal, it will help your spirit to grow.

What is the spiritual meaning of a blue dragonfly?

A blue dragonfly will connect your soul to nature’s power. They spend most of their lives in the water and then fly in the open air. Hence, a blue dragonfly spirit animal will provide you with the divine energy of water and air.

Spiritual meaning of dragonfly landing on you

A dragonfly landing on you probably means it’s time to let go of the past. Now it’s time to look forward to life and be happy with the change it brings.

Dragonfly spiritual meaning love

In Sufi tradition, the dragonfly’s love for the fire of a candle is an important story full of symbols.

One day dragonfly sees a fire of a candle and begins to go around that fire. Each time it desires more to get closer to the fire. As a result, the dragonfly begins to fly closer to fire.

Until one day that the dragonfly flies directly inside the fire, lose itself and become the fire and become the love.

Moreover, after female dragonflies mate, they feed on the male dragonfly’s head. Therefore, male dragonflies can mate only once.

Is my spirit animal a dragonfly?

Dragonfly can be your spirit guide. The best way to find out is going on a shamanic journey. However, you need to confirm if it is really your spirit animal. If you don’t know how to find your spirit animal, you can read my detailed article on the topic.

Spirit animal dragonfly decks

If your spirit animal is a dragonfly, having dragonfly decks can be great for you. There are multiple dragonfly decks you can purchase from the market.

Wild unknown animal spirit deck dragonfly

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook is an excellent guide to self-discovery. Uncover the mysteries of the world and find the meaning of your spirit animal with the guidebook. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to practice as you’ll get all the instructions with it.

Spirit animal dragonfly deck

You also can get dragonfly deck cards and play in your spare time. Being close to something related to your spirit animal is a great way to utilize their power.


In literature, mythology, religions, art, rituals, our source of the archetypes is the same.

That is why it is important to collect, observe and be aware of the symbolic meanings for your spirit animal.

This information would help you to understand your dragon spirit animal’s messages easily.

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