What Does a Koala Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a koala spirit animal mean and symbolize

Koala spirit animals symbolize gentleness, serenity, and optimism. However, the real question is, what does the Koala spirit animal mean and symbolize for you?

You are unique as you are. There is not the same as you. Is not it incredible?

So, you are the only one who will encode the message of your spirit animal.

Get the help of this ultimate guide with much information about Koala spirit animals’ symbolic and spiritual meanings from ancient wisdom. And then let it go and trust your intuition.
Let’s start. Shall we?

What does the spirit animal Koala mean?

A spirit animal Koala is a spiritual guide who can lead you to a better path in life. When a Koala spirit animal appears to you, it offers wisdom and guidance in difficult situations.

Animal spirit guide Koala has specific meanings, which tells you how it will influence your life ahead. Let’s find the meaning of Koala spirit animal:

Spirit animal Koala meaning

Koalas are calm and love to rest all day long. So the meaning of the Koala spirit animal is that it’s time to get a break from your busy life and take some rest.

The animal spirit meaning of Koalas tells you that true happiness is at home. Koalas visit the same tree regularly for resting and eating.

Similarly, the Koala guides you to your original home. Again, it’s safe, and here you can relax without worrying about anything else. 

The motto of Koala is that you can not stop the inevitable. So, it’s better to relax and enjoy the sweetness of life.

If you are a parent, a spirit animal will also teach you to take care of your child. Koala babies are called Joey, and they remain in their mothers’ pouch for 6 to 8 months after birth. The mother, the Koala, takes good care of Joey this time. 

Before we move further, let me clarify the spirit animal Koala Bear. Koalas are not bears, and there is no animal like a Koala bear.

However, Koalas look pretty similar to bears, only smaller; that’s why many people use the Koala bear term. 

Animal spirit totem Koala 

People born with the spirit totem of Koala are amicable. Koalas may not be very social, but they know its importance. That’s why they engage in social activities while awake for at least some time.

Koala tattoo meaning

People get Koala tattoos mainly because of the Koalas’ calm and kind nature. Koala tattoos also mean motherhood and protection for how the mother looks after her children.

What does Koala mean in aboriginal?

Koala means “no drink” in Australian Aboriginals due to a belief that they do not drink.

A Koala is known for not drinking water from the river because it eats from eucalyptus.

How did the Koala get its name?

Koala got its name from the Dharuk people of Australia aboriginal. The origin of the word is “gula,” meaning “no drink” or “no water.”

However, it’s not true that Koalas do not drink at all. They drink water, but that’s rare as they fill the necessity of water from the eucalyptus leaves.

Do Koalas have a purpose?

Koalas are essential to the Australian environment and the ecosystem. Their scat deposits feed deposits, which helps the woodlands to grow well.

But does the spirit animal Koala have a purpose? Yes, the goal of the Koala spirit animal is to serve you with its wisdom and guide you to a joyful life.

What does a koala personality mean?

Koala personality means calmness and peacefulness. However, some people also consider Koalas lazy as they sleep almost 18 to 20 hours a day.

Koala spirit animal personality

My perspective is that Koalas are not lazy; I believe they love to dream. Therefore, a spirit animal Koala, can also teach you to dream big.

Not only that, but Koala will also guide you to work on your dream to make it real. Koalas don’t just sit around when awake.

They look for food and eat most of the time. 

What is special about Koala?

A notable characteristic of the Koala is that they have five digits in each of their front paws. They are identical to humans and help the Koalas climb trees more efficiently.

Similarly, a spirit animal Koala may help you grow more efficiently in your spiritual journey.

If you still have any confusion about whether a Koala is your spirit animal or not, I recommend you read my article on how to find your spirit animal.

What does the Koala symbolize?

The Koala symbolizes peace, calm, kindness, rest, dream, joy, safety, pleasure, care, and motherhood.

Besides, Koalas have more profound symbolism, especially in Australian aboriginal.

So let’s learn about the Koala symbols, starting with the meaning:

Koala symbolism meaning

The Koala animal symbolisms are the powerful knowledge you will have when your spirit animal is a Koala.

You can use these symbols to lead your life in a better way.

Most symbolisms of Koala came from Australian aboriginal as the animal is native to that country.

The Dharawal people of the Australian Aboriginals believe that the Koala helped row the boat that brought their ancestors to the continent. It symbolizes the superior guiding ability of the spirit animal Koala.

Although Koalas have a tiny brain, tribes in Queensland and Victoria consider Koalas wise.

As a result, they often sought advice from Koalas under challenging situations in life.

Do Koalas symbolize anything for Europeans?

Earlier, they used to negatively view the Koala, but as they settled in Australia and learned about it, Europeans also started to see Koalas positively.

Koala symbolism totem

The Koala totem symbolizes friendliness. The relaxing and cheerful nature of Koalas makes them attractive. That’s why you may have more friends if you have a Koala totem.

Koala prophetic meaning

Koalas signify the importance of rest in the fast-paced modern society. If you are too busy at work and suddenly see a Koala, it is a message that you need a break.

Try to take a few days off and relax at your home. Meditate to elevate your mindfulness and call on your spirit animal Koala for guidance.

The symbolism of Koala in a dream

Koalas can also appear in your dreams. Have you dreamt of a Koala recently? What does it mean?

Seeing a Koala in a dream symbolizes a good omen due to its positive characteristics. The dream can be a message that soon, all of your worries will be gone, and you will be able to relax.

Dreaming of holding a Koala means you may have a lazy partner.

On the other hand, keeping a Joey is possibly a sign that you will have a baby soon, and you need to take good care of her.

What does a Koala mean spiritually?

Spiritually the Koala means being comfortable in your own space. So whether you want to spend some time alone or relax, it’s okay.

A Koala spirit animal says to your spirit that it’s not being lazy to sleep. Instead, it’s time to dream of what you want to achieve in real life.

Then, when you are awake, call on your spirit animal Koala, for guidance to achieve those dreams.

What does a Koala symbolize spiritually?

As Koalas have so many positive symbols, it also helps you in your spiritual journey.

The symbolism of the Koala lets your spirit calm down and helps you get a peaceful mind.

You may think you are not doing much, but remember the people who believe Koala is wise regardless of their sleep.

What does it mean if your spirit animal is a Koala?

When your spirit animal is a Koala, you will have quick progress in your spiritual journey.

That’s similar to how Koalas climb trees smoothly with the help of their claws.

The Koala spirit animal will also guide you to spend time with people who matter most in life.

Furthermore, you will learn to take good care of kids as the Koala does with Joey.

If your spirit animal is a Koala, try to take a step back and visit some old places, such as where you grew up and played. It’s like the Koala who repeatedly goes to the same tree.

In his book Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals, Dr. Steven Farmer provided more guidelines on what to do when your spirit animal is a Koala. He said:

“Practice a slow breathing meditation (with music, if you desire) twice a day for at least ten minutes, and notice what it’s like to be in deep relaxation.”

Spirit animal medicine Koala

Do you feel like your life is chaotic? Then, spirit animal medicine Koala can be the cure.

Koalas feed on natural food (leaves) to improve their daily life.

Similarly, spirit animal Koala medicine can help you eliminate chaos from your daily routine. 

Koala spirit animal oracle

Do you want more Koala spirit animal quotes and guidelines? Then, you can purchase the Animal spirit oracle card Koala with Guidebook.

It will help you identify and know more about your spirit animal traits and embrace them. 


If your spirit animal is a Koala, be careful of being on the edges of gentleness, serenity, optimism and naiveté, idealism, and oversensitivity.

Life’s most important wisdom to gain is mastery of balance. Let Koala guide you to master this journey.

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