How To Find What Your Spirit Animal Is?

how to find what your spirit animal is

In the beginning, I heard so much about spirit animals, but I did not know how to find what my spirit animal was.

When we are ready, life is sending us the answers on the flow.

As a pure coincidence, I found myself participating in meditation to find your spirit animal.

Then again, I found myself participating in a shamanic journey with a shaman.

If this question is in your mind, listen to your gut feeling and intuition.

Follow the signs of life because it seems like your spirit animal has chosen you and waiting for you to find it.

How to find your native American spirit animal?

Spirit animals are animal spirits that are guiding us.

According to Native American shamanic culture belief, one of the roles of animals in this Earth reality is guiding the human species on their path.

Maybe the spirit animal term is new for you, and you are looking for the answers for how to find your native American spirit animal.

Spirit animal list

To begin I will try to give you some examples of spirit animals and their symbolic meanings so that you can have some idea.

The list can go infinite, so let’s start with five spirit animals. 

What are the five spirit animals?

  • Snake spirit animal: Symbol of rebirth, eternity, the mysteries of life, and the psychic energy. You can read more about the snake spirit animal symbolization and meaning here.
  • Lioness and lion spirit animal: Symbol of leadership, elegancy, silence balanced with power, authenticity, and brotherhood. You can read more here.
  • Tiger spirit animal: Symbol of bravery, strong emotions, devotion, and awareness of the moment. Read more here
  • Frog spirit animal: Symbol of healing and rebirth. You can read more about the frog spirit animal symbolization and meaning here.
  • Mouse spirit animal: Symbol of order, balance, and survival. Read more here.

How to find your spirit animals?

Native American spirit animals’ guidance has been understood in Western societies as well, partially thanks to people like Mircea Eliade, Michael Harner, and Sandra Ingerman.

As in any spiritual practice, spirit animals and shamanism also are facing the threat of the ritual’s form and shape getting more importance than the deepness of the connection. 

Let me try to explain to you via the question examples that people might have as below:

What is your spirit animal according to your birthday?

Many people ask this question about finding their spirit animals; what my spirit animal by birthday is? 

How to find your spirit animal by birthday?

Writing down the birthday and intervals and choosing spirit animals for each interval or each year? 

How to find your spirit animal zodiac?

Then here comes the second question, what my spirit animal by zodiac sign is? 

Let’s say you were born on the 24th of October, then your spirit animal is a scorpion according to your zodiac signs? 

How to find your spirit animal astrology? 

Or let’s say you were born in 1983 which is pig year according to Chinese astrology.

Then can we say that according to your birth year, your spirit animal is a pig?

Even though your birthday, zodiac sign, and the animals related to astrological dates can give you information about yourself, your strengths and powers, and even those dates could be related with some specific animals, it does not necessarily mean that your spirit animal is that specific animal in your zodiac sign.

The approach is another way around. Your spirit animal is unique to you.

Maybe your birthday is in Aquarius zodiac sign but your spirit animal is a scorpion. 

So first you will find out your spirit animal.

In Native American culture, shamanic journeys or meditations are the way to find out what your spirit animal is.

And next, to have information about your unique spirit animal, you can get information on the traits of those animals looking to the information in the astrology.

But first, you need to find out your spirit animal, and you are the one who can find it. 

Accurate spirit animal quiz 

Or maybe, you want to find your spirit animal and you have heard that in Buzzfeed or PlayBuzz there are some quizzes.

So you write to Google: “what is my spirit animal quiz BuzzFeed” or “how to find your spirit animal BuzzFeed” or “what is my spirit animal PlayBuzz”.

I even saw while surfing on the internet spirit animal maker and I was like this is a joke. 

Honestly, I feel that these quizzes are kind of the result of “fast food” style spiritualism. Give me, give me, give me more. 

Having a spirit animal is a lifelong relationship.

Finding it is a process that is beautiful and maybe your effort and facing up with your doubts make it beautiful.

So do not trust others to tell you who your spirit animal is.

You are the one who has the answers. 

Spirit animal test for kids; How to find your child’s spirit animal?

The same kind of tests is out there for kids as well.

This brings us to the question of how to find your child’s spirit animal.

I do not have a specific answer for it.

I guess it is being an example for them.

My kids are witnessing my relationship with my spirit animal in a way, while I am on shamanic journeys, I am explaining to them what spirit animal is, what different levels of reality we can have, how the universe is having our back, and what are those vehicles that can guide us in our path…

All this information somehow will guide them to find their spirit animal when its time comes if this will be what they are looking for.

I would prefer instead of making a test with them and saying this is your spirit animal, explain to them that they have the true power to find answers to their own life. Only them.

Guiding them to trust their inner voice. 

By the way, I also wrote a letter to my daughter, as when I was pregnant to her, I was learning about shamanic journeys and my teacher who is a shaman, said that her spirit animal is a swan, which makes sense. 

After saying this she was feeling a bit uncomfortable, as she was explaining that shamans could know what your spirit animal is, but they mostly do not prefer to say.

They encourage you to find it. 

Spirit animal quiz 10 questions

Instead of answering the spirit animal quiz questions, maybe you can create your quiz, to help you reflect on what your spirit animal is.

As an example, I have prepared for you 10 questions. Just go to your sacred space, light a candle, and start a journey to your deep inside. 

  1. When you were a kid, which animals took your attention?
  2. When you are in nature which animals do you meet?
  3. Without making any deeper investigation, which animal do you think would represent you?
  4. Are there any specific animals that you are seeing in your dreams? 
  5. Are there any specific animals that you are seeing in your meditations? 
  6. What is the animal that is or has been appearing to you again and again? 
  7. How spirit animal term got your attention? What is your story to find out this term? 
  8. Have you ever done any guided meditation to find out your spirit animal? How was the experience? Have you seen anything? Maybe your mind is refusing to trust your heart? 
  9. Since you become aware of this term: spirit animal, what are those animals that enter your life somehow (both online, offline, or reality levels)
  10. What do you think, what your spirit animal can be?

How to find your spirit animal for real?

Ok after talking about different ways of finding spirit animals that people are trying, let’s focus on the ways that I have learned and experiences with different shamans. 

How do I find my spirit animal?

I first tried to find my spirit animal through meditation and there I saw my spirit animal, but I did not trust my inner voice and thought that was not true.

Then after learning about shamanic journeys, I made many shamanic journeys to find my spirit animal, and finally, I found out what my spirit animal is. 

So now, I meet with my spirit animal weekly let’s say, and I begin to have more spirit animals on the way as well, in addition to my main spirit animal. 

How to find your spirit animal through meditation?

I will share with you a spirit animal meditation from the book of my teacher; Ayşe Nilgün Arıt, Sacred Guides in Shamanism, Nagual Symbolism (Şamanizmde Kutsal Rehberler, Nagual Sembolizmi)

  • Choose a place where you will feel relaxed and calm. 
  • Before starting with the spirit animal meditation, you can meditate in the way that you are already accustomed to, so you can relax and be more receptive.
  • You can take a half precious stone or any stone to your hand or put near you some objects that are valuable to you.
  • If it is possible, you can put some relaxing meditative music. 
  • After some deep breaths and feel that your mind and body are relaxed then you can sit in an upright position or lie down. 
  • Imagine that the leaves are passing slowly in a river, on the water. As these leaves pass so do your ideas and thoughts in your mind. 
  • Once you focus on your breath and you realize that your mind is relaxed you can say your intention as you wish: “I intend to meet with my spirit animal.”
  • Now, direct your senses to the flowing water, listen to the sound of water, see the water surface rippling, feel how refreshing the water is.
  • While you are seeing the purity and clarity of the water flowing in the stream, in your heart, be aware if you hear any sound. Footsteps, whispers, or any other sound?
  • Maybe something is watching you?
  • Remember your spirit animals can be of any size even tiny ones. Be aware with your inner eye, while sensing the river, wait a little while. Spirit animals have a lot of patience and your spirit animal will come at the correct time. 
  • Observe if there is any animal close or far away. Maybe you see something and then it disappears. Or maybe after stopping for a while coming closer to you. Maybe will give its message to you or maybe just a little contact and that is it. Maybe you can feel the breath and touch its leather and feathers.
  • Your spirit animal is aware of your feeling. If you are not feeling comfortable right now your spirit animal will not be in contact with you until the end of the meditation. 
  • Your experience will depend on how relaxed, calm, and willing you feel. So, take a deep breath.
  • Whatever your experience is, it is exactly the one that you need. From your deep inside say thanks to your spirit animal. 
  • Gently come back and start to feel your body. When you are ready open your eyes. 

You can take the guided meditation here as well

Where to find your spirit animal?

So, the place to find your spirit animal is inside yourself.

Spirit animals are vehicles that make us closer to our collective unconsciousness, they are like archetypes, so the only place that you can find out your spirit animal and meet them and get their guidance and create relationships is inside you. 

How can you find your spirit animal?

Shamanic journeys can be a great way to find out what your spirit animal is.

Because the shamanic journey is the path that I also use to communicate with my spirit animal weekly. 

You can watch how to do a shamanic journey in this video. 

You can also try the guided meditation that I have provided you above. 

Moreover, get the help of other ways to connect to the collective unconscious.

This could be your dreams, simply talking to the universe (praying) and looking for the signals whatever your way is. 

How to find your spirit animal by tarot?

Lately, I am learning tarot, and tarot is like a shamanic journey or dream for me. These are all vehicles to connect to the universe.

The connection is via me. Because whatever is inside is also outside. 

So you can use tarot cards to guide you in the journey of finding your spirit animals as well. 

How do you find out your spirit animal?

The last question I want to answer is how to find out your spirit animal.

There is a slide difference between finding your spirit animal and finding it out. Let me explain. 

How to figure out a spirit animal, how would I know my spirit animal?

As in my experience, even though I have found out about my spirit animal through meditation I was not trusting it and trying again and again in a shamanic journey.

So how would you know your spirit animal, when you meet with it in any way that we have elaborated above. 

There is no easy answer for that, it is by empowering your senses, by passing through the fields of doubts, and learning to trust your inner voice. 

You can do different exercises for it.

The other day my friend who is sharing her tarot wisdom with me, invited me to a very nice exercise to trust my senses. 

She chose different images consisting of geometric shapes and while she was connecting to one image without showing me what it was, she asked me to explain the image without seeing with my eyes, as detailed as possible. 

I was shocked by my ability to see with my inner eyes after the third experiment we had. 

You can try this exercise to start to trust your inner voice. 

What does it mean when your spirit animal comes to you?

Once you found out about your spirit animal and you begin to interact with it, your spirit animal can come to you or can even send you messages via different animals or life events to take a shamanic journey to go to meet with it. 

So, take your intuition seriously and show up for your spirit animal. A new journey is starting. 


I have explained to you my own ways of how to find what your spirit animal is.

But do not forget, you are the main person who will find out and you have the power for that.

You even have the power to find your own ways of finding your spirit animal. 

Your spirit animal is there waiting for you to see him or her.

Even that you are not aware they are guiding us.

You, being aware of them, will make this guidance process much more effective. 

So go and find what your spirit animal is. 

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