What Does a Panda Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a panda spirit animal mean and symbolize

Panda spirit animal symbolizes balance, gentleness, and serenity. However, the real question is, what does a Panda spirit animal mean and symbolize for you. 

Skye Alexander says in her book “The Secret Power of Spirit Animals” (check here if you are in the UK, here in the US) that; 

“A panda can teach you how to balance your light and dark sides without judgment or self-criticism. 

In challenging circumstances, a panda can help you detach and observe things from a dispassionate perspective to see more clearly.”

Panda medicine can help you in many ways. You are the one who will find out your spirit animal’s messages’ meanings for you. 

Let me give light for your way.

Meaning of spirit animal Panda

The Panda spirit animal is a spiritual guide to show people how to live a happy life without conflict. 

When a spirit animal, Panda, appears in your life, you receive its wisdom and energy and use it to make life decisions.

Pandas are primarily solitary and like to stay in their private spaces. Similarly, a Panda spirit animal meaning is associated with enjoying personal time.

A Panda meaning teaches our spirit about the importance of embracing nature. 

When a Panda is unsure what to do, he will climb up to the tree and stay there until the problem is over.

You can take lessons from Panda’s behavior. Then, whenever you are confused, spend some alone time close to nature, and you may find your solution.

Animal spirit guide Panda

Panda spirit animals guide you to bring balance to your life. The color of Panda is black and white, which are opposite. Together they mean balance between light and dark.

Where are Pandas in China?

Pandas live in bamboo forests in Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces in China. 

Sichuan is the “home of Giant Pandas,” as most Pandas live in that area.

Giant Panda is another name for the Panda. 

They have a great significance in China, and I will talk more about them in the symbolism part of this article.

Panda personality type

Pandas are peaceful animals and seldom get aggressive. They don’t like to bother other animals in the forest. 

Pandas spend most of their time eating bamboo and climbing trees.

However, Pandas are not suitable as father figures. 

They come close to female Pandas and leave them during pregnancy.

Female Pandas are pretty careful about their cubs and are very protective of them. Therefore, they will always watch the baby during the first month.

Panda spirit animal personality

The Panda spirit animal is similar to those of Pandas. 

A Panda spirit animal makes you such a person who likes to mind her own business.

Panda spirit animal traits influence mother nature inside you. As a mother, you are or will be successful.

If you genuinely want to know about Panda spirit animal personalities, try to have a closer look at their lives. Watch documentaries on them or videos on YouTube to learn more about Pandas.

Libra spirit animal Panda

Libras are also peace-loving and seek justice on earth. So if you are a Libra, there’s a high possibility that a Panda can be your spirit animal due to the identical personality traits.

What does a Panda in your dream mean?

A Panda in dreams signifies the meaning of a calm and peaceful personality. 

The lesson here is to stay calm even if the situation in life is adverse. Show a gesture of goodwill and peace towards others; everything will be alright. 

Can a Panda be a spirit animal?

A Panda can be a spirit animal. 

In fact, due to their closeness with nature and mother earth, their spiritual powers are immense. 

When your spirit animal is a panda, you can consider yourself lucky to get a wise spiritual guide. 

But can a Panda be your spirit animal?

Is my spirit animal a Panda?

We are not the ones to choose our spirit animals. Instead, the animals appear to us as our spirit animals.

To answer whether a Panda is your spirit animal or not, try to ask yourself if your personality matches with the Pandas?

When a Panda appears in your life as a spirit animal, it will try to make you aware of its existence. 

You may see the Panda in an unexpected place, or it may come into your dreams frequently.

To be sure of your spirit animal, you can follow the rituals I have explained in my article on finding your spirit animal.

Panda spirit animal symbolism

A Panda symbolizes balance, privacy, peace, positivity, gentle strength, and carefulness.

Panda symbol meanings are necessary to know to understand the animal better. 

All the Panda symbolisms came from its lifestyle. 

When you observe a Panda closely, you may find more of its significant meanings.

Apart from their usual lifestyle, Pandas have valuable meanings in different cultures. Moreover, such definitions gave them deeper symbolic meanings.

Let’s learn about different symbolic meanings of the Panda in different cultures:

What does a Panda Symbolize in China?

Chinese culture sees a Panda as a noble creature and a symbol of peace. That’s because Pandas only eat bamboo and live without disturbing other animals in the forest.

In ancient China, emperors sent Pandas as gifts as a symbol of goodwill and friendship. 

People always respected Pandas in China.

Due to their black and white color, Pandas relate to yin yang and symbolize perfect balance. There’s an exciting story in Chinese mythology about how the Panda got its color.

In the earliest time, Pandas were all white. 

One day a tiger attacked a Panda. 

A shepherdess was nearby and came to save the Panda from the tiger. Finally, the Panda could escape, but unfortunately, the tiger killed the Shepherdess. 

During the Shepherdess’ funeral, all the Pandas came out of respect. 

It was a mourning ritual to rub soot on bodies at that time. 

Pandas’ arms were all covered with soot, and they were crying. They were rubbing their eyes with their paws and covering their ears to avoid listening to the sound of crying. 

This is how Pandas got these black markings on their bodies.

Kung Fu Panda symbol meaning

Kung Fu Panda symbolizes the meaning of enjoying the present. 

Staying away from adversaries and focusing on where you are and what you are doing is the key to happiness.

Kung Fu Panda also represents strength and determination. Here’s a quote from PO, who is the leading Panda character in the movie:

“You are the master of your destiny! No one and nothing can come in between you and your destiny except you.”

Panda spirit animal tattoo

Native Americans believe animal tattoos create a spiritual connection between the person and the animal.

If your spirit animal is a Panda, you can get a Panda to keep the animal close to yourself. 

It will give you confidence whenever dealing with unusual situations in life.

Panda spiritual meaning

Spiritually, A Panda means offering love and peace. A Panda spirit animal softens your heart and makes you a better person.

When your spirit animal is a Panda, you will offer friendship everywhere you go. 

People will love your personality, and such interactions will make you happier.

As Pandas walk on the earth with four paws, A Panda can connect you with the energy of the land. 

You can use this energy to progress in your spiritual journey.

What does a Panda represent spiritually?

Spiritually a Panda represents the importance of being close to nature. If you need a break from your busy life, traveling into a forest can make your connection with the spirit animal Panda better.

If your spirit animal is a Panda

If your spirit animal is a Panda, try to spend some time alone. Having some privacy is essential for all to achieve mental peace.

Try to focus on your good thoughts whenever you have your private time.

Doing meditation and communicating with your Panda spirit animal can also be a great way to utilize your time.

Most importantly, try to learn about Pandas and their behavior. 

Observe the animal directly or on video and see how it spends its time. Then, take lessons from the Panda’s activities to connect with your Panda spirit animal more efficiently.

Panda spirit animal medicine

Panda spirit animal medicine helps you to bring balance to your life. If you are tired of the noisy environment outside, spirit animal Panda will invite you to stay away from the crowd and heal your spirit.

Panda spirit animal quotes

You can get this cute “My Spirit Animal is Panda” quote notebook (check here if you are in the UK, here if you are in the US) if your spirit animal is a Panda.


Dr. Steven Farmer says in his book “Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals” (check here if you are in the UK, here if you are in the US) that;

“You can do anything you want once you set your mind to it, mainly if the desire originates in your heart. 

Take yourself somewhere up high where you can view the world below and meditate from this vantage point, observing how you feel as you do so. “

The Panda spirit animal is there to bring balance and harmony to your life. So it’s time for significant changes which are coming with elegancy. 

Are you ready for a new journey? 

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