What Does a Spirit Animal Koi Fish Mean and Symbolize?

what does a spirit animal koi fish mean and symbolize

Koi Fish spirit animal symbolizes good luck, optimism, cheerful personality, perception, business savvy, idealism, and naiveté. However, the real question is, what does a Koi Fish spirit animal mean and symbolize?

Koi Fish spirit animal symbolizes good luck, optimism, cheerful personality, perception, business savvy, idealism, and naiveté. However, the real question is, what does a Koi Fish spirit animal mean and symbolize?

Koi Fish spirit animal will light your way with its good vibes. To get prepared, read this guide which will help you understand your spirit animal’s unique messages. 

Koi Fish spirit animal meaning

Spirit animals are spiritual guides who help people find the right path. Different spirit animals have different powers similar to their real-life characteristics.

A Koi Fish means color varieties of Amur carp. Koi Fishes are popular ornamental fishes for their elegant appearance.

A Koi Fish can be your spirit animal. When the beautiful Fish swims into your life as a spirit animal, it brings its wisdom and unique strength only for you.

The question arises, what does a Koi Fish spirit animal mean, and what are its unique characteristics that can be useful to you?

Let’s find out!

What does a Koi Fish spirit animal mean?

A Koi Fish spirit animal means the ability to adapt to different situations and with different people in life. Koi Fishes are docile, friendly, and can live with other fishes in the pond.

A spirit animal, Koi Fish, also means highly intellectual ability. You can train a Koi Fish to eat out of your hand.

Koi Fishes can also recognize their owners and will come to them when they see them around the pond. It indicates the remarkable intelligence of the Koi Fish spirit animal.

Koi Fishes have different colors on their bodies, making them more attractive. A Koi Fish spirit animal means that it can turn anyone’s mundane life into a colorful and happy one.

Are Koi Fish from Japan?

Koi Fishes are mainly from Japan and some other neighboring countries. You can find the first mention of colored Koi Fish in the Japanese book Nihon Shoki (Chronicles in Japan). According to this book, Emperor Keiko praised colored Carp in 94.

Are Koi Chinese?

Koi Fishes were bred over a thousand years ago in China for color mutations. Hence, many people also say Koi Fishes are Chinese.

Whether Chinese or Japanese, there is no doubt that the Koi Fish spirit animal can bring positive changes in your life. People in these countries see Koi as the bringer of good fortune.

Koi Fish spirit animal traits

The Japanese Koi Fishes usually live around 40 years on average. However, a Koi Fish named Hanako lived 226 years! Hanako means “flower girl” in Japanese.

People love Koi Fishes for their friendly nature and ability to distinguish human faces to recognize their owners. Koi Fishes are energetic too. They can bring a lot of enthusiasm into your life as spirit animals.

Koi Fish symbolism

A Koi Fish symbolizes adaptation, transformation, strength, intelligence, fortitude, peace, wealth, beauty, and focus.

The Koi Fish is a symbol of happiness in several cultures. A Koi Fish also represents harmony and perseverance.

The symbolic meaning of the Koi Fish indicates her spiritual superiority. Therefore, when a Koi Fish appears to you as your spirit animal, you can use these strengths to lead a better life.

However, the Koi Fish has deeper symbolic meanings. Let’s find out more about Koi Fish symbolism in different cultures and beliefs.

Koi Fish symbolism Japan

“Koi no takinobori(鯉の滝登り)” – it’s a Japanese proverb that translates as a Koi’s swim up a waterfall. It means overcoming obstacles that seem impossible.

One of the incredible characteristics of the Koi Fish is that they can swim upstream. That’s why Japanese people use this proverb.

Through perseverance, a Koi Fish symbolizes courage, patience, strength, and success. The Koi also represents prosperity and good luck in Japanese culture for their long life.

What do Koi Fish symbolize and represent in Chinese culture?

The Koi Fish turned into a Dragon in some mythologies, one of the most revered Chinese mythical creatures. That’s why Koi Fishes are also important to Chinese culture.

A Koi Fish in China symbolizes good fortune, wealth, good luck, fame, and family harmony. The Koi represents abundance in the Chinese Feng Shui.

Yin yang Koi Fish symbolism

Yin Yang represents the balance between good and evil. You will often see Yin Yang symbols with Koi Fishes around them. The Yin Yang Koi Fish means struggle is an essential part of life to achieve success. Your life circles with both ups and downs.

Koi Fish symbolism Vietnam

According to Vietnamese mythologies, Koi Fish is one of the primary helpers to get the Kitchen God to heaven before every Lunar year. Emperor God was impressed by the Koi’s effort and turned him into a Dragon to make his journey to heaven easier.

A Koi Fish symbolizes transformation, dedication, luck, and power in Vietnamese culture.

Koi Fish symbolize color

Koi Fishes appear in different colors, and each color has a different meaning. The following is a list of varying color symbolism of the Koi Fish:

  • Orange: An Orange or a Yellow Koi Fish symbolizes fortune and wealth.
  • Red: A Red Koi Fish represents a daughter figure in the family. It symbolizes power and bravery.
  • Blue: A Blue Koi Fish is related to masculinity or son in the family. It represents peace and calmness.
  • White: A White Koi Fish symbolizes a successful career.
  • Black: Lastly, a Black Koi Fish is a symbol of greatness. It represents the power to overcome obstacles. 

Are Koi Fish sacred?

The Koi Fish is one of the most respected fishes in Japan due to its association with the Dragon legend. According to the legend, a Koi Fish continuously tried to swim upstream to reach the top of the waterfall. Upon arriving there successfully, he was rewarded with transforming into a Dragon.

You will find artwork of Koi Fish in many Buddhist temples. This is because the Japanese Buddhist believe Koi Fishes are sacred.

Koi Fish tattoo

If your spirit animal is a Koi Fish, you may want to get a Koi Tattoo. The most common meaning of the Koi Fish tattoo symbol is perseverance and pride.

People often get Koi tattoos to have more confidence in what they are doing. The Koi tattoo signifies the ability of the Fish to achieve the impossible.

Is Koi good luck?

Koi Fishes in Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian cultures represent good luck. Therefore, the people believe Koi Fishes can get you good fortune and wealth.

Koi Fish dream symbolism

Have you dreamt of a Koi Fish recently? What does it mean when you dream about Koi Fish?

If you catch a Koi Fish in your dream, it may mean that you will be successful in whatever project you are doing.

Plus, if a Koi Fish tries to say something to you in your dreams, it may mean that he is your spirit animal and wants to convey to you some important messages. In this situation, try to do a deep meditation or go on a Shamanic Journey to communicate with your Koi spirit animal.

Koi Fish’s spiritual meaning 

Koi Fish are spiritual animals that can bring significance to our lives. 

But what does Koi Fish mean spiritually? What happens when your spirit animal is a Koi Fish, and how can you use his power and wisdom?

Let’s find out!

What does a Koi Fish mean spiritually?

Koi Fish spiritually means that you will have good days ahead. You can call on your spirit animal, Koi Fish, and use his strength in life to achieve what you want.

A Koi Fish will empower your spiritual self to reach your goal that you thought impossible. In addition, it will teach you to adapt to different situations in life, whether good or bad.

As the Japanese and Chinese believe, a Koi Fish spirit animal may also show you the path to wealth and good fortune.

If you are struggling to progress in your spiritual journey, do not worry. A Koi Fish knows how to overcome obstacles and progress. The spirit animal will also guide you in the right way.

What if your spirit animal is a Koi Fish?

If your spirit animal is a Koi Fish, you can use its knowledge and strength to progress in life. But you may wonder, how?

When your spirit animal is a Koi Fish, it will try to send you messages. The messages are unique to you, and I can not tell what they are. But you indeed can find out.

If you have a chance to see Koi Fishes around you, try to observe their activities. Those activities can be an excellent lesson for you.

If you can not find any Koi Fish around your life, watch documentaries and other videos on the internet to learn about their life.

You can regularly sit in deep meditation to communicate with your spirit animal Koi Fish. They also send messages through dreams.

Koi Fish spirit card

Are you looking for more Koi Fish spirit animal wisdom? Let’s try a Koi Fish spirit card (check here for the UK and here for the US) to connect more efficiently with your Koi Fish spirit animal.


Are you ready to attract good fortune wherever you go? 

Skye Alexander says in her book “The Secret Power of Spirit Animals.”

(check here for the UK and here for the US):

“The Chinese consider the goldfish a symbol of good luck and prosperity and often display them in their homes and businesses. 

You attract good fortune in all you do, perhaps because of your optimism, sunny nature, and sociability like this sparkling totem. 

You expect good things to happen, and they do. You keep an open mind, and your keen perceptual abilities let you spot opportunities everywhere. You know how to turn those opportunities into success stories.”

Be ready to welcome your spirit animal, Koi Fish.

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