What Does a Dragon Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a dragon spirit animal mean and symbolize

We are in front of a fabulous animal which you can find almost in every culture of the world. Dragon spirit animal!

Legendary Dragon combines different elements from different animals, particularly aggressive and dangerous. 

These animals are serpents, crocodiles, lions as well as prehistoric animals.

In Babylonian cosmogony, we see Tiamat, a goddess Dragon. 

The creation resulted from the killing of the mother Tiamat (a symbol of the chaos) and her body used in the creation of heaven and earth.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a compelling spirit animal. Are you ready to deep dive to learn the symbolic meaning of the spirit animal dragon?

What does a dragon spirit animal mean?

There might not be any other mythical animal as powerful as a dragon. The Dragon appears in almost every culture around the world with different depictions. Hence, the spirit animal dragon has various meanings.

Spirit animal dragon meaning

A dragon spirit can guide you in life positively. In addition, different dragons may offer other spiritual powers.

  • Spirit animal fire Dragon meanings refer to the strength of removing any obstacles to achieve your dream. 
  • Earth dragon spirit animals can help you with wiseness.
  • Then the Chinese dragon spirit animal means spiritual power and strength. 
  • Dragon spirit animal totem means being fierce and fearless in a positive way.

In short, the Dragon spirit animal meanings are; strength, power, agility, courage, and wisdom.

Dragon spirit animal personality and traits

Dragon spirit animals are pretty powerful due to their strength. Their personality traits include fierceness and protectiveness.

Most cultures represent them as flying serpentine. But their behavior is similar to felines.

Their strengths lie in majestic appearance, strength, good luck, wisdom, and spirituality. 

Skye Alexander says the spirit animal dragon’s weaknesses are arrogance, fierceness, and impracticality.

Can a dragon be a spirit animal?

As the Dragon is a mythical creature, a common question may appear in your mind, can a dragon be my spirit animal?

Yes, not only can dragons be spirit animals, they can be one of the best. Their robust characteristics with high spiritual strength can be helpful.

Can your spirit animal be a dragon?

Now you may think, is my spirit animal a dragon? Well, a dragon maybe your spirit animal. 

A dragon spirit animal may appear to you when you feel a strong bond with the sky, earth, and fire. 

However, you need to go on a spiritual journey to determine if a dragon is your spirit animal or something else. 

The shamanic journey has helped me find and communicate with my spirit animal. You can do that too, or you may also sit on a deep meditation.

What does a dragon represent and symbolize?

What does it mean to have a dragon spirit animal? Understanding the different symbolism of this fire-breathing animal can be helpful to answer your question.

Below I have explained most of the symbolism of the Dragon:

What is the symbolism of a dragon?

The symbolism of a dragon includes the authority of the emperor. Different cultures show them as animals who can do anything and take anything from the area they rule. 

Due to their vigorous nature, nobody dares to face them.

From a shamanic point of view, four different dragons carry the elements of earth, fire, water, and air.

  • The water Dragon symbolism includes memories, connection, depth, and passion. 
  • An earth dragon carries the energy of the mother earth and symbolizes power.
  • The air Dragon flies and sees the earth and other realms with a more splendid view. Hence, it represents insight and clarity. 
  • Then the fire Dragon symbolizes courage, energy, and enthusiasm.

Ayşe Nülgün Arıt tells about these four different dragons as such;

“The dragon, which carries the element of fire, expresses energy and mastery.

It is necessary to understand that he will provide enthusiasm, courage, and life energy support as a spiritual guide.

It ignites the fire in people, helps overcome obstacles, gives leadership and mastery qualities.

The dragon provides insight, inspiration, and joy in life, bearing the air element.

When this highly respected guide animal arrives, sudden enlightenment begins in the mental and spiritual realms.

Intuition becomes clear, thinking and problem-solving skills develop.

Bearing the earth element, the dragon strengthens the potentials and brings wealth.

It shows the person the power of his possibilities, his inner beauty, what he is capable of.

It lives deep within the earth and supports the grounding of dispersed energies.

When calling for help, it is recommended to imagine a slow-walking dragon.

After you feel the energy surrounding you, it will nourish the soul like mother earth.

The dragon connection with the water element will offer depth and high aspirations.

As a spirit animal, it awakens memories, bringing deeply buried desires, forgotten excitements, and desires to the surface.

You can challenge your deepest fears that are keeping you from acting.”

Are dragons a good symbol?

In the Chinese geomancy of Feng Shui, dragons symbolize fortune and good luck. Whereas in other cultures, it is the symbol of evil. 

So you can find the answer to this question in the words of Robert Jonhson;

“The conjunction of the polarities of masculine and feminine, like the conjunction of the dragons Yin and Yang, symbolizes the highest synthesis of the self.”

Inner Work, Robert Jonhson

What are dragons associated with?

The Dragon is associated with fire and the sky because most dragons could breathe fire. 

Then many cultures represent dragons with wings and flying ability, which indicates their association with the sky.

You can read How to Train Your Dragon to see how humans can do anything with the proper mindset and love dragons.

What does the dragon ball z symbol mean?

The Dragon in Dragon Ball Z can grant wishes. It symbolizes his mightiness. He can do anything you desire.

Dragon symbolism tattoo

If you like to have tattoos, a dragon symbol can be excellent. 

Many believe that you can receive the mighty power of the Dragon from the tattoo. 

Dragon tattoos have often been used as strength, protection, and wisdom symbols.

Dragon symbolism in dreams

Have you dreamt of a dragon recently? What does a dragon symbolize in a dream?

Usually, dragons in dreams tell you that you have the strength and power to achieve your goal. They also can symbolize abundance for you as you may see them protecting wealth that the dragons do not need.

A dragon, whether encountered in a dream or other vision, can advise you to focus on your spiritual path as well as your material one. 

Perhaps you need to transcend mundane matters that are weighing you down. 

A dragon’s appearance may alert you to a significant change shortly, perhaps a lucky one.

The Secret Power of Spirit Animals, Skye Alexander

Dragon symbolism in alchemy

The Dragon in alchemy eats his tail and the whole body in the process. It symbolizes personal obstacles on the way to success. If you can control them, you can do anything.

Several dragons fighting with each other illustrated separating the Elements or psychic disintegration. 

Winged Dragon represented the volatile element, while the wingless creature stood for the fixed element.

A Dictionary of Symbols, J E Cirlot

Dragon symbolism origin

Though there has been a lot of debate about the origin of dragons, the most accepted belief is that they have evolved from Europe and Chinese culture.

The Chinese recognize four gods of heaven and earth: the Dragon, phoenix, tiger, and tortoise. 

What do dragons represent in mythology?

Dragon is a powerful protector believed to be born from fire.

In legends and folk tales, it is said that he flew through thoughts, traveled between worlds, was born when the universe was created, and the red-colored ones slept in the center of the earth.

Most of the time, dragons are represented as destructive monsters in mythologies. 

Gods used to slay them to win battles. 

For example, Greek God Apollo once defeated a dragon guarding the oracle at Delphi.

J E Cirlot talk about the same symbolism in the mythologies in his book “A Dictionary of Symbols”

In many legends, overlaying its most profound symbolic sense, the Dragon appears with this very meaning of the primordial enemy with whom combat is the supreme test. 

Apollo, Cadmus, Perseus and Siegfried all conquer the dragon. 

In numerous masterpieces of hagiography, the patron saints of knighthood—St. George and St. Michael the Archangel—are depicted in the very act of slaying the monster; there is no need to recall others than the St. George of Carpaccio, or Raphael, or the St. Michael of Tous by Bermejo.

However, cultures like the Chinese and Japanese see dragons as good signs.

Dragon symbolism in China

Dragon is the highest-ranked animal in the Chinese animal hierarchy and is revered by Chinese people. 

Maybe China is the country where the dragons have been used most.

Here it becomes an emblem of imperial power. 

The dragon symbolism in China refers to good luck and fortune.

Besides, the symbolism of dragons in Chinese culture is associated with rain. So people think that drought is the result of dragons’ laziness. 

The belief is that dragons can bring rain. Therefore, the Chinese perform dragon dance to pray for rain.

Dragon is the symbol of ‘rhythmic life.’ 

In esoteric Chinese thought, dragons are also linked with color-symbolism: 

For example, the red Dragon is the guardian of higher science, and White Dragon is lunar. 

These colors derive from the planets and the signs of the Zodiac.

Dragon symbolism in Japan. 

What does the Japanese Dragon symbolize? Dragon symbolism in Japanese culture includes good luck, balance, and freedom.

People in Japan often use dragon symbols to indicate balance in life. They also believe that dragons have superior wisdom and supernatural powers.

In Japan, the god Ryūjin is depicted as a dragon whose servants include fish and sea turtles.

Dragon symbolism in Korea

Dragons cover a large area in Korean mythology and ancient arts. But the question is, what does a Korean dragon symbolize?

The Korean Dragon symbolizes spiritual clarity, growth, and good fortune. In addition, there is a belief that the Korean Dragon can understand human emotions.

Western dragon symbolism/European dragon symbolism

European dragons are believed to be one of the sources from which the Dragon evolved first. 

Some meanings of dragons in Western cultures are:

Dragon symbolism Celtic

Dragons are protectors of the earth and the most potent symbol in Celtic mythology. They represent outstanding powers, wisdom, and fertility. 

Viking dragon meaning

Vikings often used to wear jewelry with dragon symbols because they considered dragons to be the symbol of power and bravery. 

Norse dragon symbolism

Norse dragon symbolisms refer to strength and destructive power. Capable of creating chaos, the dragons were also the protector of the treasure. The treasure may mean gold or figuratively indicate wisdom.

Dragon symbolism in Christianity

Dragons in Christianity are considered evil because they are believed to have hidden knowledge with supernatural powers.

Dragon biblical symbolism

“And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, which is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” (Revelation 12:9)

In the bible, dragons are called the devil. But when the dragon spirit animal appears to you, you can positively use his power.

In J. E. Cirlot’s book Dictionary of Symbolism, one can find that;

“In the Bible, there are the following references to the Dragon: Daniel xiv, 22, 27; Micah I, 8; Jeremiah xiv, 6; Revelation xii, 3, 7; Isaiah xxxiv, 13, and xliii, 20. 

There are further mentions by Rabanus Maurus 87 DRAGON (Opera, III), Pliny (VIII, 12), Galen, Pascal (De Coronis, IX).

And among other characteristics which these writers ascribe to the Dragon is the following fascinating points: that it is solid and vigilant, it has exceptionally keen eyesight, and it seems that its name comes from the Greek word derkein (‘seeing’).”

What do dragons mean spiritually?

Dragons have great significance in the spiritual journey. Some of the spiritual meanings of the dragons are:

Gold dragon spiritual meaning

Gold dragons often correlate with the sun. Therefore, the spiritual meaning of the gold dragon is prosperity and spiritual growth.

Black Dragon spiritual meaning

Black dragon spiritual meaning includes pride and confidence. It can guide you when you lose your path in the darkness.

Blue Dragon spiritual meaning

A blue dragon represents water and the sky. The spiritual meaning of a blue dragon consists of healing and harmony.

Dragon spirit guide signs

Chinese astrology includes years of the Dragon. People born in the year of the Dragon are healthy and energetic. They are also believed to have good fortune.

In Hajo Banzhaf’s book “Tarot and the Journey of the Hero,” we can find a reference about the Dragon spirit guide’s signs, especially from Jung’s perspective;

“Broadly speaking, present-day psychology defines the dragon symbol as ‘something terrible to overcome,’ for only he who conquers the Dragon becomes a hero. 

Jung goes as far as to say that the Dragon is a mother-image (that is, a mirror of the maternal principle or the unconscious) and that it expresses the individual’s repugnance towards incest and the fear of committing it. However, he also suggests that it quite simply represents evil.”

Rilke also wrote that “perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once, beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something that needs our love.”

What does it mean to have a dragon as a spirit animal?

Those who progress in shamanic teaching may also receive dragon guidance periodically over time, after getting to know their lifelong guide.

Having the most potent mythical Dragon as a spirit animal can be a matter of good luck. I guess you already have an idea from the above symbolism about how immense dragon powers are.

Whether an earth dragon or an air dragon, all have mighty power with high wisdom. Having a dragon as the spirit animal can be beneficial to lead a more confident life.

Ted Andrews says that the dragons are protectors, which is a type of spirit guides;

“Protectors; these guides often take the shape of giant beings, strong in manner and character. 

They can also take the form of solid animals-panthers, elephants, and even dragons. 

These are the guides to call upon when greater strength and energy are required.

Medieval magicians learned to call upon and use the elementals to help create and materialize fantastic creatures for various purposes. 

It was not uncommon for these magicians to use these etheric dragons to guard and protect their homes. 

These could, of course, be fire dragons, water dragons, earth dragons, air dragons, or any combination.”

How To Meet And Work With Spirit Guides, Ted Andrews

What does it mean if your spirit animal is a dragon?

So, what does it mean if your spirit animal is a dragon?

When your spirit animal is a dragon, you can get guidance from him to solve different problems in life. 

If you think you do not have much strength, the dragon spirit animal will provide you that as the animal is the symbol of power and strength.

Steven Farmer says that the messages of a Dragon are as below;

“You’re emerging into a new phase of your life, one where you’ll be taking more risks and be more vulnerable, yet you can be well protected. 

Do more of the kinds of activities that bring passion into your life. 

You have a past-life connection to a time when Earth-based spiritual practices were predominant.

You’re entering into a period of considerable prosperity.

Spend some time regularly in meditation or contemplation, and you’ll receive some valuable insights and inspiration.”

Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals, Steven Farmer

However, you are a unique person, and the message from your spirit animal dragon is also exceptional. 

Communication is the best way to receive messages correctly. You can try going on a Shamanic Journey or perform deep meditation to communicate with your spirit animal.

Call upon a dragon when you need extra strength or protection.

Remember, a dragon can bring good luck and inspiration.

It can also guide you through a life transition and connect you with your higher purpose. 

Dragon spirit animal card

If you are looking to utilize the power of your dragon spirit animal with cards, you can try the Dragon Path Oracle Cards. You will also get a guidebook with instructions for working with dragon energy.


If your spirit animal is a dragon, you have excellent information about them all around. 

Here we have covered many of their stories from the human heritage. I hope this article will help you create a relationship with your spirit animal dragon. 

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