What Does a Dog Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a dog spirit animal mean and symbolise

If you are here, reading this blog post it is for a reason. Maybe you are feeling that Dogs are trying to send you some messages or maybe you just found out that your spirit animal is a Dog. So, you are here with a question in mind What Does a Dog Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

First, congratulations. Having a spirit animal and creating a relationship with it, is one of the best guidance that you can receive in this life.

In this blog post, I am explaining to you the Dog spirit animal meaning and the details of its symbolization as well as the Dog spirit animal’s medicine. So, let’s start.

What is a spirit animal Dog? What does spirit animal Dog mean?

Dogs are one of the most popular domesticated animals in the world today.

They have been living with humans as faithful animals since ancient times.

Besides, they also can appear as spirit animals to many. And when they do, they have a message to deliver.

So, what does a spirit animal Dog mean?

Well, a Dog can mean many things spiritually. The most common ones are loyalty, faithfulness, and protection.

If there’s any trouble ahead for you, the spirit of the Dog can warn you beforehand as their sniffing power is many times better than humans.

Dog spirit animal also means unconditional love. It reminds me of a famous quote by Josh Billings. He said,

“A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

So, if a Dog comes to you as your spirit animal, you must try to find out what message it’s trying to convey.

Dog spirit animal qualities

Throughout history, Dogs have been loved as a companion animal, with their keen sense of smell and hearing, helping the tribe in their hunt, protecting them from unexpected attacks. 

Dogs have psychic abilities. It is a known story of the Dogs who felt the earthquake before and helped their owners to survive.

As a spirit animal, Dogs can be very helpful. If you ever had a Dog, you will know how good they’re as companions. It reminds me of a famous poem. A few lines from it are:

“The owners throw sticks

And half-bald tennis balls

Toward the surf

And the happy dogs leap after them

As if catapulted—

Black dogs, tan dogs,

Tubes of glorious muscle—”

The Dogs at Live Oak Beach, Santa Cruz by Alicia Ostriker

Besides who you are, another factor that influences the message is the breed of the Dog. Different breeds can carry different messages. Let’s learn about them now.

Which Dog is your spirit animal? How do you find your spirit animal?

So, which Dog is your spirit animal, and how do you find out?

There are multiple ways to communicate with your spirit animal Dog and find out what he is.

But first, let me walk you through what different Dogs can mean in your life.

Bulldogs are very playful, friendly, and gregarious. So, bulldog spirit animal means there’s nothing to worry about people around you, and you can have a good time with them.

The smelling power of bloodhounds can be presented at the court as proof in many countries.

A bloodhound Dog spirit animal probably warns you about what’s ahead in your path.

Then wolf Dogs can mean it’s time to give your family more time as they love to be in groups.

Wolfs are considered cousins of Dogs. After you finish this article, you can learn more about wolf spirit animals here.

Now the most important question is how you can find what Dog is your spirit animal.

There are multiple ways you can find that out. The best way is to go on a Shamanic Journey.

That’s how I have found my spirit animal. Or else, you also can try meditation.

Sit in a quiet place, and go to the deeper state in your mind. Then try to find your spirit animal.

Dog symbolism

As different Dogs have different symbolism, they represent unique meanings in different cultures.

If a spirit animal Dog appears to you, you need to know him better first to understand his message.

Below you’ll find a lot of information about the symbolism of Dogs.

What is the symbolic meaning of a Dog?

Dogs are symbols of loyalty and vigilance, and they often act as guardians and protectors.

Besides, Dogs represent strong faith, fidelity, and devotion in art.

I read a news article in the Washington Post that says that in 1990, a blind man hiked in the Appalachian Trail for eight months with his Dog.

It’s only an example of why Dogs represent loyalty and safeguarding.

What does a pitbull symbolize?

Pitbull has been used as a symbol of power.

The possible reason is that they have a reputation for being good fighter Dogs.

However, in graphics design, pitbull is used as a symbol of skinhead.

What does a black Dog symbolize?

Historically, people see black Dogs as a symbol of death.

The belief is most popular in European folklore and superstition.

Many people still believe that seeing a Black Dog is a bad omen.

What does a white Dog symbolize and represent?

In contrast, white Dogs are considered to be something positive. People believe they carry the message of God.

Hence, seeing them is really a good omen.

Dog spirit animal in the bible

“Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.”

Matthew 7:6

In the bible, Dogs have often been seen as evil beings.

Dog symbolism in literature

In literature, Dogs have been represented as “Man’s Best Friend.”

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron is one of these books about Dogs. If you’re interested in them, I recommend you read this one.

What does it mean when a Dog comes to you?

Dogs are amiable and playful animals, and they love to be around people. However, they mostly stay with their owners.

But if a Dog comes to you, there must be a reason.

Have you found your spirit animal yet? If not, you should look for it as soon as you can.

Because if a Dog comes to you frequently, there’s a good reason to believe that he is your spirit animal.

And if that’s true, maybe he is trying to tell you something.

The hearing and smelling power of Dogs are superior to humans. They can hear things we cannot.

Therefore, a spirit animal Dog can be your best guide for your journey in life.

What do Dogs represent spiritually?

Dogs spiritually may mean some qualities and attributes that lie within you. People consider a spirit animal Dog a powerful one.

If a Dog appears to you as a spiritual animal, you need to communicate with it as soon as possible.

Famous author Orhan Pamuk once said,

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

What is the spiritual meaning of a white Dog?

A white Dog usually refers to the peace and satisfaction of your spirit. They often appear with positive messages.

Hence, if your spirit animal Dog is a white one, it’s very good for you.

Black Dog spiritual meaning

Black Dogs are often considered evil spiritual beings. They said to be guarding the underworld and watch everyone pass by.

If a black Dog appears to you as a spirit animal, maybe something bad will happen, or maybe there’s an evil spirit growing inside you.

What is the spiritual meaning of a Dog in the bible?

Dogs have been mentioned several times in the Bible. In most cases, a Dog has been referred to as an unclean animal.

Hebrews, however, used Dogs as guards of their houses. The bible verse is:

“Israel’s watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge; they are all mute Dogs, they cannot bark; they lie around and dream, they love to sleep.”

Isaiah 56:10.

What does it mean if your spirit animal is a Dog?

Have you met your spirit animal Dog?

What does it mean for you when a Dog is your spirit animal?

Well, based on who you are, the message will vary.

Here I will explain some of the common messages your Dog spirit animal may be trying to deliver you.

Dogs have been assisting humans in hunting for more than 12,000 years.

Besides, they also are protecting us from different dangers.

So, if a spirit animal Dog appears to you, it can mean both good and bad. It’s bad in a sense that he may have realized you’ll have trouble in your life ahead.

But the good thing is, the Dog can guide you to overcome all the odds. In other words, it will protect you.

Dog spirit animal also can mean that you should be loyal to others. You have to understand that your and others’ paths aren’t the same.

Moreover, they also can try to tell you that you need to be more faithful to yourself.

People who carry the Dog power are people who have a deep understanding of the faults and violations of people, who serve humanity in one way or another. 

Dog spirit animal medicine

If you have a Dog spirit animal, it may indicate that you have the same protective qualities, that you do not avoid sacrificing for others, that you run to the one in need, that you value spiritual things more than material gains.

However, these qualities, which sound very good, contain the traps of exploiting and even explosion of your goodwill by others.

Dogs can come into your life to show the importance of balance. The value you give to others should be balanced with the value you give to yourself.

On the contrary, if you are missing to offer love and compassion, if you disappoint others in your relationships, the Dog will come to show the importance of these qualities.

As the spirit animal, he will offer guidance in the development of these qualities to those who are not generous, who also find it difficult to show love. 


By constantly observing their owners, anticipating, and keeping up with their steps, they are almost like holding a mirror to their owners.

Therefore, Dogs are particularly good teachers for those who want to learn.

You are the one who will understand the messages of the Dog spirit animal. Spirit animals are talking to us with symbols.

The way to understand is by creating a relationship with them and trusting your intuition.

So, enjoy the relationship with these incredible spirit animals.

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