What Does a Gorilla Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a gorilla spirit animal mean and symbolize

The Gorilla spirit animal symbolizes intuitiveness, leadership, and balance. Whereas the vital question is, what does a Gorilla spirit animal mean and symbolize for you?

Gorilla spirit animals can give you strength in intelligence, self-confidence, and physical strength. Moreover can guide you to be aware of your shadows, such as aggressiveness and domination.

Still, the message of your spirit animal, the Gorilla, will be unique for you. So let’s discover more about Gorilla’s symbolic and spiritual messages.

What does the spirit animal Gorilla mean?

Gorillas appear fearsome, but they are indeed gentle animals. A spirit animal gorilla means the guidance to improve your family relationship and leadership abilities.

The Gorilla totem spirit animal meaning is associated with knowing the importance of listening to others’ opinions. 

As a head of a family or a community, many like to command only. But when you get the wisdom of a Gorilla totem spirit animal, you will have the intensity to listen to others and be a lovable leader.

Sometimes you will need wisdom, and physical strength can be helpful. A spirit animal Gorilla can offer you all its high intelligence and physical.

Gorilla spirit animal description

Gorillas are one of the closest animals that are similar to human nature. Their physical and mental description clearly indicates how similar they are to us.

A Gorilla spirit animal has super strength with its stronger muscles. German strongman Patrik Baboumian quotes:

“The world’s strongest animals are plant eaters. Gorillas, Buffaloes, Elephants, and me.”

Gorillas have fingers instead of claws like humans. It enables the spirit animal Gorilla to grab or achieve goals comfortably.

The leader of a Gorilla troop is an adult male. He has silver-gray saddles on their back. That’s why they are called silverbacks. 

A silverback Gorilla may also appear to you with immense strength and knowledge. 

Gorilla spirit animal traits

Though they look ferocious, gorillas are gentle and emotional animals. You probably have seen the movie “King Kong.”

There, a Gorilla feels emotionally close to the heroine Ann and saves her from danger.

A Gorilla spirit animal is also kind. There are a lot of similarities between the Gorilla spirit, animal traits, and human nature.

Zamba is the supreme God for the Yaoundé people of Cameroon. 

The people believe that Zamba created all creatures on the earth except humans. 

He assigned the responsibility to his four sons: 

  • Ngi (Gorilla), the strong, 
  • Wo (chimpanzee), 
  • N’Kokon (mantis) the wise, 
  • Otukut (lizard) is the fool. 

This is why human behavior is quite similar to Gorillas.

What does the Gorilla spirit animal represent and symbolize?

A Gorilla can represent and symbolize many things. As a result, various types and different cultures have numerous depictions of the Gorilla spirit animal.

A spirit animal, the silverback Gorilla, symbolizes leadership, protection, responsibility, decision-making, and intelligence.

The reason is that silverback Gorillas lead their troops. They make all the decisions for the group and protect them from outside dangers.

It’s a great responsibility that they must handle with their high intelligence.

A Gorilla spirit also symbolizes nobility, loyalty, and dignity. Native American gorilla spirit animals represent power and nature.

In many countries, Gorillas were seen as mythical creatures. 

European cultures describe them as the symbol of compassion.

Below, I have explained some more meanings of the spirit animal Gorilla:

What does a Gorilla tattoo mean?

Due to their vibrant and aggressive appearance, many people love to have a Gorilla tattoo. 

But the meaning of a Gorilla tattoo can be much more profound. It means accountability, protection, leadership, and loyalty.

Why are Gorillas called Gorillas?

The name Gorilla came from an ancient Greek word Γόριλλαι (gorillai), which means ‘tribe of hairy women.’ There is a long history behind that.

Around 2500 years ago, Hanno, a Carthaginian explorer, went on an expedition to the West African coast with a group of people.

There they encountered some savage people with hairy bodies, and most of them were women.

Those people addressed themselves as ‘Gorillae.’

This is where the name Gorilla came from. 

However, it is still unknown if those savage people were the Gorillas we see today, or they were something else.

What does a Gorilla symbolize in the Bible?

There is not much mention of Gorillas in the Bible. However, a verse mentions Apes, who represent Gorillas, chimpanzees, and similar animals. Apes are considered valuable animals in the Bible.

The bible verse says:

“For the king had a fleet of Tarshish at sea with Hiram’s fleet. Once every three years the fleet of Tarshish came, bringing gold, silver, ivory, apes, and peacocks.” 

1 Kings 10:22

What does a Gorilla represent and symbolize in dreams?

Have you seen a Gorilla in your dreams recently? 

Maybe it’s a message he is your spirit animal, and he has an important message to convey. 

You can communicate with him through a Shamanic Journey or deep meditation.

However, which Gorillas you have seen or how they appeared can highly influence the meaning. 

Therefore, I have explained some possibilities below:

What does seeing a Gorilla in your dream mean?

A giant black Gorilla dream meaning is associated with the message that you need to understand your responsibilities. 

Then a white Gorilla dream may mean you are worthy of trust, and you should not hesitate to make decisions for your family.

The dream of a Gorilla chasing you may indicate that something challenging is coming into your life.

However, if you successfully outrun the Gorilla, you will also successfully handle all the challenges in life.

What does a Gorilla represent spiritually?

Gorillas’ symbolisms are diverse and rich. Their behavioral nature is also similar to ours.

All of these things indicate that Gorillas can bring great spiritual power into your life.

Below is some spiritual meaning of a spirit animal Gorilla:

What is the spiritual meaning of a Gorilla?

The spiritual meaning of the Gorilla is associated with spiritual growth. Therefore, a spirit animal Gorilla can help you in your spiritual journey.

With a Gorilla spirit animal, you can be able to fight difficult situations in life easily.

When you need wisdom on leadership or family protection, call on your spirit animal Gorilla for help. 

Gorilla represents heightened intuitiveness due to its sensitivity to low vibrations.

It also increases the leadership qualities of passive-behaved people, makes their values ​​visible, and encourages them to show examples of responsibility that will provide respect.

When your spirit animal is a Gorilla?

When you lack sympathy for your close ones, a spirit animal gorilla may come to you.

It also can appear to you when the loyal people around you require your help.

Gorilla power has the symbolism of co-hosting strength with compassion.

Knowing when to be passive and calm, when to be active and even aggressive, and how to strike a balance between calmness and justified interventionism are included in the symbolism of the Gorilla.

Those who oscillate between being overprotective and indifferent need his guidance.

Why is my spirit animal a Gorilla?

But why do spirit animal Gorillas come to you in the above situations? The answer is simple.

It can offer you the wisdom and strength to protect the people you care about.

A spirit animal Gorilla comes to you to tell you about the importance of being compassionate. 

If a silverback Gorilla spirit animal appears to you, maybe it wants to help you make decisions for yourself or your family.

But are you sure if a Gorilla is your spirit animal or not? If not, then start your spiritual journey to know who your spirit animal is.

Spirit animal medicine Gorilla

You can use your spirit animal medicine Gorilla to hold your head high. 

No matter what happens in life, stay strong like a Gorilla because you have people and yourself to protect. 

You can gain such power from the Gorilla spirit animal medicine.

Spirit animal message Gorilla

The message of the spirit animal Gorilla can be about the necessity of listening to others and not only commands. 

You also need to listen to the message of your Gorilla spirit animal.

However, messages from spirit animals are always unique for each person. Therefore, it is unique and special for you too, and you need to find out that message. 

The shamanic journey is the best communication method. But you also can go to the deeper state of your mind through meditation as an easy-to-follow alternative.

If your spirit animal is a Gorilla

If your spirit animal is a Gorilla, you will be able to lead a better life. 

You will develop an outstanding leadership within you who can step up and protect his surroundings when necessary.

A Gorilla is your spirit animal and means you are a noble person, and you should not change your path. 

You can achieve your goal like a Gorilla can grab things with its fingers. 

Gorilla spirit animal quotes

When talking about spirit animal Gorillas, Dr. Steven Farmer, in his book “Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals” quotes:

“Clear and concise communication is essential at this time, so listen carefully and speak sparingly and articulately.

More than ever, it’s crucial to respect yourself and extend that respect to everyone you come in contact with.

A vital teacher is about to come into your life—one who is wise and knowledgeable, yet unpretentious.”


Spirit animal Gorilla guides you to find your leadership, balance, and physical strength, still being aware of your shadows around domination and aggressiveness. 

You will discover much more about the Gorilla spirit animal’s unique messages for you. I hope this article will help you with your discovery in this journey. 

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