What Does a Lizard Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a lizard spirit animal mean and symbolize

Lizard spirit animal symbolizes dreams and protection. The real question is what does a lizard spirit animal mean and symbolize for you?

The Lizard is a powerful spiritual animal that teaches us to make the right choices and awaken and develop our intuition to give our life the value it deserves.

Still, you are the one who will find out Lizard’s unique messages for you.

That is why I have prepared an ultimate guide with the Lizard spirit animal’s symbolic and spiritual meaning.

Spirit animal Lizard meaning

Spirit animal Lizard is the guide who can assist us in survival in life. Whether you have lost someone or something precious in the battle of life, a Lizard spirit animal can teach you how to stand up again.

Is a Lizard your spirit animal? What does it mean, and how does it affect your life?

Let’s learn more about this charismatic reptile to understand the meaning of the spirit animal Lizard:

What does the spirit animal Lizard mean?

Lizards are reptiles like snakes, but both are different animals. 

A Lizard spirit animal can mean many things depending on which species it is. 

A spirit animal baby Lizard means self-dependent. Baby Lizards, also called hatchlings, are independent and do not need the care of their mother to survive.

Then the spirit animal Chameleon Lizard means adaptability and hiding. That’s because Chameleons change color to match their surroundings, which makes them tough to notice in nature.

Brown Lizards are excellent at defending themselves against predators. They mainly detach their tails to get rid of enemies. So, a spirit animal Brown Lizard means you have a strong defense.

Then the alertness of this reptile makes a Green Lizard spirit animal more efficient in defense and helps you sense any danger that may come in your way.

The colorful tongue of the Blue Tongue Lizard is a warning to the predators.

A spirit animal, Blue Tongue Lizard, means identifying potential threats and preventing them from harming you.

Gecko Lizards are famous for making different sounds in different situations. A Gecko Lizard spirit animal means it’s time to raise your voice and tell what you want.

How does a Jesus Lizard run on water?

Jesus Lizard is the nickname for the Basilisk Lizard. Its unique ability to run on water is fascinating. 

The Jesus Lizard has scaly fringes on their third, fourth, and fifth toes. When they run from enemies, they gather momentum and spread their fringes to run on water.

Horned Lizard spirit animal

The Horned Lizard has a unique ability to split blood from its eyes to scare off enemies. Such skills make the Horned Lizard spirit animal a strong protector.

Can you have a Horned Lizard as a pet?

Lizards are also popular pets, but a Horned Lizard is not a good choice due to their diet system. 

In fact, in most places, it is illegal to have Horned Lizards as pets.

Native American spirit animal Lizard

Indian spirit animal Lizard in Native American culture means survival and healing. 

Its meaning also is connected to dreams. 

Lizard spirit animals remind us that the dream reflects our world and can have connections with our lives.

Spirit totem for Lizard

Lizard spirit animal totem indicates resilience. People with Lizard spirit totems have the unique ability to overcome emotional losses. 

Lizard spirit animal description

Lizards are available almost everywhere on earth. Interestingly, some Lizard species can live without drinking water as they get water from the foods they eat.

The Lizard spirit animal has superior wisdom gained from its 220 million living years. So, when a Lizard appears to you as your spirit animal, you should consider yourself lucky.

Can a Lizard be a spirit animal?

Now you may be thinking if a Lizard can be your spirit animal? Well, if you need the guidance of the Lizard in life, the Lizard spirit animal can appear in your life.

Lizards, as spirit guides, are strategic and take steps in life with caution. If you still do not know what your spirit animal is but want to find it, you can read my article on finding your spirit animal

Lizard spirit animal symbolism

Spirit animal Lizard is rich in symbolism due to its existence since ancient times. Different cultures also have explained this reptile in different ways, most of which are positive.

A Lizard symbolizes survival, regeneration, alertness, Sun, dreaming, rebirth, renewal, sensitivity, and clairvoyance.

An Albino Lizard symbolism includes self-realization and spiritual growth. In addition, it often refers to positive changes in life.

As I said, the Lizard is rich in symbolism, and there are more meanings to explain. So let’s learn everything about the symbolic meaning of the spirit animal Lizard:

Lizard symbolism Native American

The Horned Lizards are considered sacred medicine animals in Southwestern tribes. Moreover, a Lizard symbolizes protection of the children, renewal, and masculinity in Native American cultures. Therefore, many tribes consider it bad luck to kill a Lizard.

Lizard Christian symbolism

The Bible mentions Lizards as unclean animals. 

“The gecko, the monitor lizard, the wall lizard, the skink, and the chameleon. These are unclean for you of all those that move along the ground. Whoever touches them when they are dead will be unclean till evening.”

 (Leviticus 11:30-31)

Lizard metaphysical meaning

Although Lizards don’t require water, they must need exposure to sunlight for survival. That’s why the metaphysical meaning of the Lizard often refers to its association with the Sun. 

The Welsh name of the Lizard – that loves the sun and finds warm places and lies under the sun for a long time-, lleufer also means white light.

Because the Celts believed that white light represented the soul’s pursuit of enlightenment and the spiritual power of the Lizard, they decided to name both with the same word.

Lizard prophetic meaning

The prophetic meaning of the Lizard can be prosperity. Celts believed that if you see a Lizard on your way, you are likely to succeed in whatever you’re going to do.

The Lizard is a spirit animal, representing psychic abilities and the third eye, as it has an extra eye.

Lizards pull the chariot of Hermes, who is considered both a deity and a living sage in the ancient Greek and Egyptian hermetic tradition.

The ancient Greek divination methods included tracing the movements of lizards.

The Lizard is so associated with divination that there are texts where even oracles using tarot cards, crystal balls, and similar objects begin by invoking the lizard energy.

The Lizard is very sensitive to vibrations from the ground.

His sense of hearing is surprisingly high, and he can see even the most subtle movements thanks to his very keen eyes.

If your power animal is a Lizard, your ability to use all your psychic perception skills is waiting to be awakened.

Lizard tattoo symbolism

According to ancient Egypt and Greece, lizard tattoo symbolisms include good fortune and luck. In addition, a Gecko Lizard tattoo often symbolizes speed and agility for its swift nature.

Lizard symbolism tarot

Lizards symbolize a lot of things in tarot reading. Some of the symbols are camouflage, vision, dream, and enlightenment.

Lizard in house symbolism

Celtic Goddess of Night Evaki stole sleep from the eyes of the Lizard and shared it among other animals. Therefore many Celts believe that the Lizard in the house symbolizes lack of sleep.

But is the Lizard coming to you repeatedly? What does it mean when Lizards are around you?

Maybe the Lizard is trying to say something to you. If you see the Lizard without any tail, it may mean that you need to get rid of something in life. 

Are Lizards considered lucky?

Lizards are considered lucky in almost every culture, including Native American, Greek, and Egyptian. 

So, is seeing a Lizard a good omen? I can say that it is a good omen when you encounter a Lizard from different cultural beliefs. 

What do Lizards represent in dreams?

Have you been dreaming of Lizards recently? What does it mean when a lizard comes into your dream?

Lizards in dreams often mean you may face trouble in life soon. But not to worry about potential danger. While warning, the Lizard also says that you have the strength to overcome such situations and be a survivor like the Lizard.

In mythology and legends, the Lizard is associated with dream time.

Dreams contain the subtlest sensations of our mind that we are not aware of, our intuition, fears, and desires.

It is a profound realm where we imagine different futures for ourselves.

Lizard helps us remember dreams and notice messages.

It teaches to be prepared for specific events in the physical world by interpreting them correctly.

It is vital to keep a diary of dreams and write them down.

Especially in the analysis of symbolic and repetitive dreams, the energy of the Lizard is guiding.

If a Lizard has joined the shamanic journey, inner perceptions will be strengthened, and intuition will be trusted without consulting others.

What does a Lizard mean spiritually?

The appearance of a Lizard spirit animal in your life can be an excellent experience for you. It can guide your spiritual journey and help you grow. 

The question is, what is the spiritual meaning of a Lizard, and what should you do when your spirit animal is a Lizard? Let’s find out:

What is the spiritual meaning of a Lizard?

The spiritual meaning of the Lizard is deeply associated with healing, regeneration, and rebirth. For example, when a Lizard detaches its tail, it grows back. Similarly, the spirit animal Lizard offers you the ability to stand up no matter how many times you fall. 

A Lizard also means spiritual protection as it has an excellent defense mechanism. So whenever you think you are in trouble, look deep within you, call on your spirit animal, Lizard, you will find a way to survive.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a Lizard?

Lizard sightings are common as they live around us. But if they appear in front of you frequently or you are seeing them in unexpected places, that can not be a coincidence.

The spiritual meaning of seeing a Lizard can be that you are on the right track of your spiritual journey. It may also mean that your long desired dream will come true soon. 

In their long rest in the sun, too, the symbolism is hidden.

Occasional breaks from daily events and crowds are necessary for everyone.

When life gets hectic, time passes by meaningless rush, peace is lost but cannot be noticed, the Lizard comes to give the message that you need to take a breath and separate yourself from the events in your life.

The Lizard is the spirit animal that comes to teach us to leave the past in the past, to get rid of the chain of memories that hold the soul captive.

It gives guidance when old thoughts and habits are interfering with today’s life when you need to go inward a little, assess your present reality, then open a new chapter in your life with a sense of confidence.

By joining with you on shamanic journeys, the Lizard will tell you which areas of your life need changes.

There is a need to get rid of something, especially if it is urgent, the Lizard comes to guide periodically.

Spirit animal medicine Lizard

Spirit animal medicine Lizard is quite popular among Native Americans. You can use it to defend yourself against evil forces.

If you are emotionally weak, you also can use the medicine to heal your spiritual self.

An exciting feature of the Lizard is that it cuts off its tail to escape when it realizes that it will be a hunt, as I have mentioned several times throughout the article.

The tail is curled and twisted, leaving it alive as if it were, and the predator’s attention is diverted.

However, they can only do this once in their lives because the new tail that has grown in place of the old one is now made of cartilage, not vertebrae.

The symbolism that it can only snap its tail once is that the choices are made very wisely in serious situations.

These choices cannot be repeated and whose results will be experienced for a long time.

In some societies, the Lizard’s ability to regenerate its tail was like a snake, and it was believed that the Lizard, like a snake, had a healing effect.

Even in Ireland, some texts write that the patient was licking a Lizard in untreatable skin wounds as an ancient healing technique.

What are Lizards a sign of?

Lizards are a sign of how strong you are. Its appearances in your life also signify life changes, like the Lizard changes its color. The change can bring good news for you with the guidance of the spirit animal Lizard.

Lizard spirit animal quotes

When your spirit animal is a Lizard, think before acting and swiftly making moves like the Lizard. Instead, try to meditate often to have a vision of your life path.

Dr. Steven Farmer also quotes in his book Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals (check here for the UK and here for the US):

“Pay close attention to your dreams—especially recurring themes and images—by keeping a dream journal and meditating on their meanings and messages.”

You can get this Lizard spirit animal journal to keep your notes. (Check here for the UK and here for the US)

Animal spirit cards Lizard

If you want to better understand your Lizard spirit animal, you can try the Wild unknown animal spirit Lizard deck and guidebook (check here for the UK and here for the US).

As it comes with a guidebook, you should not face any problem using the Lizard spirit animal oracle.


Lizard shows our weaknesses and strengths and encourages and strengthens change’s energy.

The wisdom of Lizard is inviting you to trust your intuition and join fully to live your life as it deserves.

Are you ready?

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