What Does a Unicorn Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a unicorn spirit animal mean and symbolize

Unicorn spirit animals generally mean purity, innocence, freedom, believing in your magic, and faith in the rightness of the universe. Whereas the real question is What Does a Unicorn Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize For You?

Unicorns are pretty incredible mythological animals. But, unfortunately, they are hard to interpret symbolically as Jung said.

“Jung, in his work on the relationships between psychology and alchemy, has studied a great many aspects of this fabulous animal.

He concludes that it has no definite symbolic character but many different variants.

These variants embrace single-horned animals, both real and fabulous, such as the swordfish or certain types of dragons.

He notes that the Unicorn is at times transmuted into a white dove, explaining that, on the one hand, it is related to primordial monsters.

While on the other, it represents the virile, pure, and penetrating force of the “spiritus Mercurialis.”

J. E. Cirlot, A Dictionary of Symbols

So, let’s try our best to dive deep into their symbolic and spiritual meaning. Are you coming?

What does a Unicorn spirit animal mean?

A spirit animal unicorn means the spiritual guide that can help you with different problems. When you have a unicorn as your spirit animal, you can use his powers to lead a better life.

Spirit animal unicorn, meaning

Spirit animal unicorns come in different colors and roles, which can have different meanings.

According to esoteric belief, even though the tradition says that unicorns are generally white, it has a white body, a redhead, and blue eyes.

Following are some of the meanings of the unicorn spirit animal:

Unicorn pegasus spirit animal

A pegasus unicorn is one with wings. Alicorn and pegacorn are different names for this mythical creature.

Pegasus unicorn spirit animal represents freedom and fearless life. It inspires you to journey to the highest point of your desire without fearing anything.

Black unicorn spirit animal meaning

Although we are most familiar with white unicorns, The Black Unicorn also exists in different cultures. A black unicorn spirit animal meaning is associated with power and strength. It can provide you with great strengths to fight any problematic situations in life.

White Unicorn spirit animal meaning

So, what does a white spirit animal mean? The color white has always been considered optimistic.

A white spirit means purity and healing. It can purify your heart. A white unicorn is the perfect spirit animal if you need to heal yourself.

Unicorn hidden meaning

The hidden meaning of the Unicorn refers to how this mythical creature has evolved in the culture.

It seems like unicorns had both positive and negative meanings in the past, whereas throughout time, the symbolic meaning just conserved the positive one.

Unicorn omen

Seeing a unicorn in dreams can be a sign of good luck. People consider it a good omen that something fortunate may happen to you soon enough.

Maybe you will get something that you have desired for a long time.

Unicorn meaning in love

A unicorn means divinity in love. It can bring purity into any relationship. So, when you have problems in your relationship, you may call on your unicorn spirit animal.

Are unicorns real?

Unicorns are found in Greek accounts of natural history. Therefore, the writers believe that these creatures exist and live in India.

Many people often ask, what is a unicorn in real life? Though the myth exists in different cultures such as Chinese, India, the Middle East, and Europe, none has proven the real-life existence of unicorns.

Moreover, let’s not forget that the spirit realm is also another reality level.

Unicorn spirit animal personality and characteristics

Unicorns are pretty attractive and challenging to catch. The mythologies say that only a virgin can catch a unicorn.

Honorius of Autun, in his Speculum de Mysteriis Ecclesiae, says as follows:

‘The very fierce animal with only one horn is called a unicorn.

A virgin is put in a field; the animal then comes to her and is caught because it lies down in her lap.

Christ is represented by this animal and his invincible strength by its horn.

He, who lay down in the womb of the Virgin, has been caught by the hunters; that is to say, he was found in human shape by those who loved him.’

So, the personality of a unicorn spirit animal is also unique, and not everyone can have them.

A unicorn spirit animal can provide people with divining healing power, freedom, and purity.

Can a unicorn be a spirit animal?

As the Unicorn is a mythical creature and does not exist in real life, the common question is, can a unicorn be a spirit animal?

Yes, a unicorn can be a spirit animal. It can offer guidance in different situations in life, where other spirit animals may not.

Sandra Ingerman, in her book Shamanic Journeying, says that;

“It is widespread to have a mythological creature as a power animal, such as Pegasus or a unicorn.”

Can your spirit animal be a unicorn?

Are you wondering if a unicorn can be your spirit animal?

A unicorn may appear to you as your spirit animal. A unicorn spirit animal can guide you to Independence when your heart is pure but lacks freedom.

If you do not know what your spirit animal is, you can read my article on finding your spirit animal.

What do unicorns symbolize?

Unicorns symbolize different things across cultures. Below I have provided a detailed guide to unicorn spirit animal symbolism:

Unicorn spirit animal symbolism

A medieval German folk song recites:

“The Unicorn is noble,

He keeps him safe and high

Upon a narrow path and steep

Climbing to the sky.”

The unicorn symbolism has always been associated with nobility and innocence.

Following are symbolism for the .different appearance of Unicorns:

What does a white unicorn symbolize?

A white unicorn symbolizes purity, goodness, blessings, and good fortune. The white unicorn spirit animal can be a message to accept the good and reject the evil.

What do black unicorns symbolize?

Black unicorn symbols represent freedom, strength, and power. Usually, a black unicorn spirit is a source of strength to achieve freedom in life.

What does the unicorn emoji represent and symbolize?

The meaning of unicorn emoji mainly depends on your interpretation.

In general, the unicorn emoji symbolizes something in reality that people usually think is fake.

When someone sends you a unicorn emoji, it may mean that they are trying to say that something you think is fake is real.

I use this emoji to express my excitement and gratitude about life’s magical moments.

What does a unicorn tattoo symbolize?

When you get a tattoo of any specific animal, you may receive the spiritual power of that animal. For example, unicorn tattoos symbolize magic, mystique, purity, and freedom.

What does a unicorn horn symbolize?

A unicorn horn symbolizes healing. The belief is that unicorns can heal fatal illnesses with a touch of their spiral horn.

Moreover, the uni-corm of pegasus grows from the third eye or brow chakra. So the Unicorn represents intuition and connection with the higher realms.

What is so special about a unicorn?

The unicorns are unique because they are magical creatures with excellent healing powers. In addition, they are believed to be sacred and pure creatures.

Unicorn symbolism in dreams

Unicorn dream symbolizes magical power and purity. So when you dream of a unicorn, it may mean that there is something good ahead of you, and you need to stay pure to get that fortune.

Skye Alexander mentions the meaning of the unicorn symbolism in dreams or visions in her book “The Secret Power of Spirit Animals.” She says that;

“If you see a unicorn in a dream or vision, it may tell you to keep the faith don’t give up.

A unicorn could also advise you to be more gentle and kind.

Encountering a unicorn might warn you to trust your intuition, not just your intellect.”

Unicorn symbolism Scotland

The Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. Scottish unicorn symbolism includes innocence, purity, and power.

Different legends explain them as powerful magical animals. They even can purify poisoned water with their healing power. These are some reasons why the Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.

Unicorn symbolism Christianity

Unicorn has been mentioned several times in the bible. One of the verses is:

“God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of a unicorn.” (Numbers 23:22)

So, unicorns symbolize strength in Christianity.

From J.E. Cirlot, we learn that in Christianity, there is only recognition of the positive side of the Unicorn.

“However, in Antiquity, the Unicorn appears on occasion with certain evil characteristics. The Physiologus Graecus comments that it is ‘an animal fleet of foot, single-horned and harboring ill will towards men.’

As Jung has observed, the Church does not recognize this negative side of the Unicorn. But, on the other hand, the alchemists used its ambivalent implications to symbolize the “Monstrum Hermaphroditum.”

Unicorn symbolism Chinese

Qilin is the Chinese depiction of a unicorn. It is a peaceful creature and symbolizes good luck and prosperity. The belief is that Qilin’s appearance is a sign of the birth or death of a sage or benevolent ruler.

Again J. E. Cirlot, in his book called “A Dictionary of Symbols,” says that;

“In China, the animal known as Ch’i-lin is identified by some writers with the Unicorn, whereas others dispute this because it has two horns.

It is an attribute of high-ranking army officers and an emblem of uprightness and high birth.

Its skin is of five colors— red, yellow, blue, white, and black; its cry is like the sound of bells.”

In legend, it is reputed to live for a thousand years and be the noblest of animals.”

What is the spiritual symbolism of unicorns?

The spiritual symbolism of unicorns includes spiritual growth, purity, innocence, and freedom. When you have a unicorn spirit animal, you can consider yourself lucky.

What do unicorns mean spiritually?

The magical creature can bring a lot of spiritual significance. But what does a unicorn mean spiritually?

Unicorns can mean a lot spiritually.

Beauty, intuition, creativity, owning your magic, freedom, having faith, spirituality, inner wisdom, gentleness, purity, and kindness can be some of the unicorns’ spiritual meanings.

On the other hand, the unicorn spirit animal also gets your attention to weaknesses such as impracticality, flightiness, and naiveté.

What is the spiritual meaning of a unicorn?

In white unicorns’ spiritual meaning, we see spiritual purity. So if any negative energy infected your spirit, a white unicorn spirit animal could be your savior.

Skye Alexander, in her book The Secret Power of Spirit Animals, says that;

“If the Unicorn is your totem, you possess exceptional intuition and can see beyond the physical world.

You don’t rely on intellect alone; you allow yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom and the higher forces.

The harshness of everyday life easily bruises your gentle nature, and, like your totem, you take flight when threatened or hurt.

Interested mainly in spiritual things, you have trouble dealing with mundane matters and can tend to live in a fantasy world.”

What does it mean if your spirit animal is a unicorn?

Have you found that your spirit animal is a unicorn? If yes, then what does it mean?

When you have a unicorn spirit animal, it can bring a lot of messages. For example, maybe you need to purify your heart. Or perhaps you need to free yourself of all negativity and be yourself to get what you want.

Here is the interpretation of Steven Farmer of unicorn spirit animals in his book “Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals.”

“It’s vital that you pursue any creative or artistic interests that you’ve suppressed until now.

You’ll notice more signs and visitations from the Nature spirits and elemental kingdoms, such as the fairies and sprites.

Let go of your worries and responsibilities for a while, and play and have fun.

Suspend any disbelief and open yourself to perceiving any helping spirits from the nonvisible world.

You’re going to meet some gifted children who have unusual artistic and creative talents, and you’ll learn some essential things from being around them.

You’re going to experience a surge in your power, so use it wisely.”

The best ways to find the message for you from your unicorn spirit animal are going on a shamanic journey or sitting on a deep meditation.

Let a unicorn help you connect with your intuition and inner vision.

A unicorn can also teach you how to have faith during difficult times.

Unicorn spirit animal card

Are you looking for more messages from your unicorn spirit animal? You can get the unicorn spirit animal oracle card for some inspiring messages.

Bring your spirit animal unicorn to your everyday life

Ayşe Nilgün Arıt says that;

“It is a known custom for those who want to establish a relationship with the unicorn to make a shamanic journey under the blossoming fruit trees.”

Ted Andrews, in his book “How To Meet And Work With Spirit Guides,” recommends apple blossom fragrance to attract the unicorn spirit guide to your life;

“Whether through the use of herbal scents, oils, incense, or potpourri-is one of the most effective means of altering consciousness and facilitating spirit contact in meditation.

Fragrances alter the vibrational rate of the environment and the individual according to their unique properties.

They can be very drawing to spirit guides, enhancing our inner perception of the guides’ activities around us.

Apple Blossom: This fragrance is beneficial for connecting with nature spirits.

It is especially effective for those wishing to work with guides that may work with us through mythic images.

It is a fragrance that is drawing to the Unicorn.”

You may also buy the following items to bring your spirit animal unicorn to your daily life:

Unicorn spirit animal tee

You can buy the lovely unicorn dabbing tee for yourself. Then you also can get the Harry Bear Unicorn T-shirt for your kids.

Unicorn spirit animal mug

You also can have a cute unicorn mug. When you drink coffee in the morning, it will remind you of the messages from your unicorn spirit animal.

My spirit animal is a unicorn candle

I love the unicorn candle dream jar. It may help you to talk to unicorns in your dreams.


If you feel like your spirit animal is a unicorn, listen to your gut feeling and try to strengthen your relationship with the Unicorn.

I hope this article will help you with that.

Do not forget; you are the one who will be able to understand the spirit animal unicorn’s symbolic meaning for you.

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