What Does a Vulture Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a vulture spirit animal mean and symbolize

Vulture spirit animal symbolizes death, rebirth, maternity, and purity. However, the real question is what does a vulture spirit animal mean and symbolize for you?

The Vulture represents the power of thunder and lightning. It is defined with the expressions ‘eye of the sun’ and ‘secret light of the universe.’

It symbolizes wisdom, vision, spiritual enlightenment, and prophecy.

Come and join me to understand the symbolic and spiritual meaning of the Vulture spirit animal. Let’s start. Shall we?

Spirit animal Vulture meaning

Vulture is associated with the element of air.

Vulture can communicate with spirits and gather the wisdom of the deceased.

As a bird that lives on the tops of high mountains and prefers to fly on the peaks of the highest mountain ranges, the Vulture has the power to overcome borders and obstacles.

It symbolizes ascension in every sense.

The spirit animal Vulture can guide you to be more efficient in your life. This bird is quite different from others, and when a Vulture comes into your life as a spirit animal, you receive its ultimate powers.

But what does a spirit animal Vulture mean? Let’s find out:

What does spirit animal Vulture mean?

Spirit animal meaning of Vulture is associated with efficiency and patience. Vultures do not kill other animals; instead, they patiently look for animals that are already dead.

The meaning of the baby Vulture refers to nurturing as the chicks stay in their nest for three to four months and their parents look after them. 

Vultures are social and mostly stay in groups. A flock of vultures indicates the importance of teamwork.

The Flight of Vultures’ flock is a “kettle.” 

When the flock is resting, we call it “committee.” 

“Wake” is the term that means the flock of the Vultures is eating. 

Turkey Vulture spirit animal meaning

Spirit animal Turkey Vulture means the power of sensitivity to achieve goals. The Turkey Vultures have a high smelling ability that helps them locate their foods.

Animal spirit totem Vulture

People with animal spirit totem Vulture know how to utilize their abilities properly. With a Vulture spirit animal totem, you will achieve your goals faster.

Spirit animal totem Black Vulture enables you to protect yourself from dangers. 

Black Vultures can eat rotting carcasses that may have bacterias. 

The birds’ powerful acid in their stomach kills such bacterias and protects the Vulture from being sick.

Vulture spirit animal Native American

Shamans living in the Peruvian Andes consider the Vulture the “King of the skies.”

The winged symbol of Ayahuasca used in Peruvian shamanism is the Vulture.

The Vulture comes to teach us to see the heights, develop the independence of the soul, and respect the spiritual.

Among the peoples of North America, an animal symbol, archetypes of the four directions in the healing circles, is believed to offer cosmic guidance to man.

The symbol of the East is the Vulture.

Vulture represents the ability to see life with a clear eye. It brings prayers into the spiritual world and brings back answers.

Vulture spirit animal characteristics 

Vulture spirit animal traits include being social and careful in taking action. You will often see Vultures with other predators such as hyenas work together to feed on carcasses.

Vulture spirit animal info helps you understand how much power you can have with a Vulture spirit animal. But can a Vulture be your spirit animal?

Can my spirit animal be a Vulture?

A Vulture can be your spirit animal when you need his guidance. For example, if you are inefficient or lack persistence in life, a Vulture spirit animal may appear.

But how do you find out if a Vulture is your spirit animal? I have a detailed article on finding spirit animals that may help you.

What does Vulture symbolism mean?

A Vulture symbolizes perception, intelligence, protection, group work, rebirth, equalizing, resourcefulness, and direction.

Vultures have sharp eyesight and can locate foods from miles away. A Vulture eye symbolism means Vision and foresight.

What does Vulture represent? The Vulture represents a social life where one can utilize his resources with Vulture wisdom to lead a better life.

Additionally, Vulture symbolism has a wide range of meanings in different cultures and situations. Let’s explore all the symbolic importance of the Vulture:

What do Vultures symbolize in literature?

There is a superstition of Vulture being an omen of death. That’s why a Vulture often symbolizes death in literature.

You can read Marvel’s comic (check here for the UK and here for the US) where the Vulture is a supervillain. 

The good thing is that the Vulture is quite strong, and when the bird comes into your life as a spirit animal, you can use this strength in your favor.

Vulture Greek mythology

Vulture is associated with Aegypius in Greek mythology, who was the son of Antheus and Bulis. Aegypius used to love a widow named Timandre.

Neophron was the only son of Timandre, who did not like the relationship. So, he seduced Aegypius’s mother Bulis to come into his house. 

Neophron plotted to make Aegypius and Bulis, son and mother, sleep together, thinking of each other as someone else. After Aegypius fell asleep, Bulis recognized him. She tried to blind Aegypius and kill herself in grief.

But before that, God Apollo turned them into birds. So both Aegypius and Neophron turned into Vultures, while Bulis a long-beaked bird and Timandre a sparrow-hawk.

Are Vultures good luck?

When you look into the symbolic meanings of a Vulture, you can find a lot of positive characteristics. Hence you may say that Vultures are good luck.

Vulture symbolism God

Vultures are the symbol of God’s judgment in the Bible. The flock of Vultures will gather to fight against people who rebel against God’s judgment.

Some of the Bible verses are:

“Then I saw an angel standing in the sun, shouting to the vultures flying high in the sky: Come! Gather together for the great banquet God has prepared. Come and eat the flesh of kings, generals, and strong warriors; of horses and their riders; and of all humanity, both free and slave, small and great.” 

(Revelation 19:17-18, New Living Translation)

Later verses reveal that the Vulture won the battle:

“Their entire army was killed by the sharp sword that came from the mouth of the one riding the white horse. And the vultures all gorged themselves on the dead bodies.” 

(Revelation 19:21, New Living Translation)

What does it mean when you see a Vulture?

A Vulture can bear important messages for you. 

For example, when you see a Vulture, it may mean that you need to be more careful in your actions and be more efficient like the Vulture.

Seeing a Turkey Vulture meaning often indicates that you need to observe your surroundings well to know what you should do next. 

Additionally, seeing black vultures means you are protected from evil energies.

What does it mean when you see a Vulture during the day?

Vultures are diurnal, and you may see them during the day. 

Seeing a Vulture during the day can be a message to be more social and cooperate with others in your daily activities as the Vulture does.

Is seeing a Vulture bad luck?

As they prey on carcasses, people think seeing a Vulture is bad luck in many cultures. 

But if you look at their activities, they are highly beneficial for our environment.

What does it mean when a Turkey Vulture crosses your path?

Have a Vulture crossed your path recently? What was it trying to tell you?

When a Turkey Vulture crosses your path, it usually means you can do good things, but you are not using them correctly. 

It is a message that you need to find your strength and utilize them well.

Vulture dream meaning

Are you dreaming of Vultures frequently? When a Vulture appears in your dream, it can carry insightful meanings. 

Seeing the Vultures flying straight-up means you will soon have good news. 

But when you see Vultures are covering you in a circle, it may mean that enemies are watching your actions, or maybe the Vultures are protecting you.

Vulture spirit animal in a dream can give you messages about your future. 

These birds have a great vision that helps them see what’s upcoming. 

In this situation, call on your Vulture spirit animal for guidance.

Spiritual meaning of Vulture

The spiritual meaning of the Vulture is associated with protection from evil energies and making good use of available resources.

When you have lost your path in your life and do not know where to go, a spirit animal, Vulture, may appear to you to show the direction with its keen eyesight.

Vulture undertook the guardianship of carrying ancient beliefs and philosophies into the future.

If human beings lose these deep meanings, it is accepted as the responsibility of Vulture to be reborn in their minds.

But what happens or what you should do if your spirit animal is a Vulture?

If your spirit animal is a Vulture

If a Vulture is your spirit animal, try to analyze your strength. 

You may not use them properly, but now the Vulture spirit animal can teach you to use them properly.

When your spirit animal is a Vulture, hang out with your friends and families. 

Do your work with your teammates. 

Most importantly, try to stay in groups to find success.

You may also have a good sense of things that may happen to you soon. So, use your senses to decide what actions you should take next.

The Vulture has the power to push the limits. It teaches that with patience and faith, one can accomplish anything.

Vulture guides those he enters on his shamanic journey to become compassionate managers, who take their colleagues under their wing and receive much love and respect.

The Vulture gives the ability to understand different points of view.

People who meet the Vulture learn to break free from the earthly patterns they are attached to.

If the steps that enrich their lives require climbing the hills, they realize that they have the strength to take the risk.

By starting to meditations, they begin to understand higher knowledge, search, contemplate, seek truth, and often write, with impulses and appetites rising from the depths of their souls.

Vulture develops quick thinking.

Those who meet the Vulture need intellectual stimulation and motivation. Therefore, they take great pleasure in discussions with different perspectives.

Depending on who you are and what is happening in your life, the Vulture spirit animal may appear to you with different messages.

Try to communicate with it through deep meditation to get the messages and work on them.

Vulture spirit animal medicine

Vulture spirit animal medicine is associated with cleansing and healing.

When you are emotionally weak or hurt, call on your spirit animal, Vulture, to heal yourself. 

The Vulture teaches how to be active without wasting energy unnecessarily, accomplish a task without overexertion, and fly in harmony with the energy currents of life, rather than constantly flapping its wings.

If sometimes it is necessary to let life flow, it will show the way.

The Vulture is also a power animal associated with scent. Therefore, it is helpful to learn aromatherapy to be in a good relationship.

The vulture power animal has a love for Mother Earth.

It tells us that we can do anything and that it is enough to return to nature and change our perspectives.

What are Turkey Vultures a sign of?

The appearance of Turkey Vultures in your life is a sign of prosperity. As the bird has so many positive symbols and possesses great wisdom, it can show you a better path in life.

Animal spirit cards vulture

You can use spirit cards to get more insights into your Vulture spirit animal. 

Spirit animal oracle Vulture Deck and Guidebook is a great choice (check here for the UK and here for the US). I love how it explains the meanings and provides detailed guidelines on using the cards.

You also can get the Wild unknown animal spirit deck Vulture (check here for the UK and here for the US). The guidebook is quite resourceful and can provide you with a deep insight into your spirit animal.


Ayşe Nilgün Arıt says that;

“We learn to see with our heart through the eyes of the Vulture. We know to soar with the Vulture’s wings and see the bigger picture.”

The Vulture spirit animal is a fascinating animal with incredible powers. Please do your best to get their guidance.

You can start by opening your heart, listening to your intuition, and being humble.

Good luck with this fantastic adventure!

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