What Does a Whale Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a whale spirit animal mean and symbolize

The Whale spirit animal is the symbol of wisdom, eternity, and immortality. However, the real question is what does a Whale spirit animal mean and symbolize for you?

The Whale is associated with emotions, creativity, and searching for your own reality.

So as the Whale says, you will find the meanings of the Whale spirit animal’s messages for you.

I have created this ultimate guide about the symbolic and spiritual meaning of Whales with the hope of helping you in this amazing journey.


Spirit animal Whale meaning

The Whale spirit animal is a guide to enhance your mental and physical strength as well as heal your inner self. When the Whale comes into your life, you need to understand its meaning to grow in your spiritual journey.

Let’s find out what a Whale spirit animal means.

What does spirit animal Whale mean?

Whales, particularly Blue Whale, are the largest known creature to inhabit earth ever. They can be more than 100 feet long and weigh more than 200 tons, equivalent to 33 elephants.

Spirit animal Blue Whale means excellent physical strength. When you feel weak, follow the animal spirit guides of the blue Whale to regain your physical power.

Great Whale spirit animal meaning is associated with emotional strength. Whales are never tired of the stress of being deep in the water. Their inner strength provides them with great emotional power.

Whale spirit animals can also mean you will have a brilliant mind. Scientists have found that the brain size of a Whale is 8,000 cubic meters, which is more than six times of the human brain, 1,300 cubic meters.

Meaning of the spirit animal Grey Whale is possibly the protection from evil forces. Grey White is a great fighter, and you can consider yourself lucky when it protects your spirit.

Humpback Whales are the best singers among all whales. 

Their songs can last up to 20 to 30 minutes. 

Spirit animal Humpback Whale meaning is associated with the soul song and communication.

Whale sounds embody the symbolism of mysterious songs.

Like dolphins, whales are emotionally charged and conscious beings of our planet.

According to some mystical teachings, they resemble humans, have high awareness, and whose souls are in the fourth stage of consciousness.

Beluga Whale spirit animal meaning

Beluga Whales are pretty friendly to humans. They are curious about our activities and often come around to boats. If you are lucky, you may be able to rub their back while sailing.

Another incredible fact is that Beluga Whales can almost talk like humans. One captive Beluga Whale at National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego tried to mimic the human voice, and it was pretty close. 

Spirit animal Beluga Whale means the relationship to friends and family. It encourages us to be humble to people around us.

Killer Whale spirit animal meaning

Killer Whale spirit animal is another name for the spirit animal Orca Whale. They are the same species and have a great deal of power and learning ability.

Orca Whale spirit animal refers to the meaning of security. It is aggressive and can secure you from threats.

Animal spirit messenger Whale

When a Whale spirit animal appears to you, it comes with a message. Maybe you are getting away from your family or need emotional guidance. The message can be anything. 

The Whale is a fish that can communicate with other whales thousands of miles away. The symbolism is that feeling from the heart can reach other hearts without recognizing distance.

In addition, Whales are very fond of their families, and the shaman supports those with whom he enters on their journey to resolve their family problems.

Whale spirit animal characteristics

Spirit animal info on Whale will help you understand the unique abilities. 

Whales can hold their breath for as long as 20 minutes, and that makes the spirit animal offer you excellent survival ability.

The Whale spirit animal personality is amiable. Such a personality can help you to be more gentle when a Whale appears to you as a spirit animal.

My spirit animal is a Whale; what does that mean?

If your spirit animal is a Whale means that you can use the wisdom of the Whale. The creature is pretty clever with a large brain, which means you can rely on the guidance of your spirit animal.

What does a Whale symbolize?

A Whale symbolizes emotion, strength, intelligence, survival, healing, wisdom, soul song, communication, curiosity, and relationship.

In esoteric literature, it is believed that the Whales record the planet’s history, represent wisdom, and be a source of physical and emotional healing.

In mythology, the Whale symbolizes the power of sound and song, all the energies of the sea, psychic and telepathic abilities, and reaching the inner depths.

The symbolic meaning of the Whale is vast. Let’s go into the depth of the Whale symbolism:

What does a Blue Whale symbolize?

Due to their large size, Blue Whales symbolize immense physical and mental power. A Blue Whale also symbolizes hope and peace for its color.

Australian aborigines believe a Whale is a bringer of good luck, happiness, and joy. Although the symbolic meanings do not directly point to Blue Whales, this species is mainly native to Australia. 

What does an Orca Whale symbolize?

What does a killer Whale symbolize? A Killer Whale or an Orca Whale represents significant life changes. 

Orca Whales are highly adaptable to different situations, and when changes come, they embrace them with a smile.

Whale tail symbolism meaning

Maori people in New Zealand respect the Whale tail. This is because the Whale tail symbolizes power and strength.

Usually, the tail of the Whale holds a strong power, and the Whale may often use it against enemies. That’s why the culture sees the Whale tail as a symbol of great power as well as mental and physical power.

What does Whale represent?

A Whale represents magnificence. The large size of both body and brain of the Whale has wondered people for centuries. Such an enormous size gives some extraordinary power to the Whale, such as psychic ability, fighting ability, and great strength.

Dead Whale symbolism means a change in life is coming. It is a sign to prepare for the change and adapt to the situation as a Whale does.

However, in Vietnam and Ghana, Whales represent and relate to divinity. People have respected Whales for a long time. They often hold funerals for dead Whales.

What does the Whale symbolize in Whale Rider?

The Whale Rider” by Witi Ihimaera is an excellent novel about the journey of a Maori girl. Its movie version is also worth watching.

The Whale in the Whale Rider symbolizes life and death. New Zealand became part of the settlement of Maori people when the great ancestors rode a Whale to visit the country.

Moreover, In contemporary literature, the Whale Moby Dick (check here for the US) is symbolic of not being easily defeated, despite the relentless pursuit of Captain Ahab. It symbolizes inner reality, the voice of the soul, and creativity that cannot be easily overcome.

What does seeing a Whale mean?

Have you gone to the ocean and seen a Whale recently? You may think it’s normal, but not everyone is lucky enough to see Whales in real life.

Seeing a Whale may mean that you have a deep connection with it. Most of the time, Whale will appear in front of you, telling you that he is your spirit animal.

Try to communicate with your spirit animal when such things happen. You may haven’t thought of a shamanic journey before, but it can be the right time to try. A Shamanic Journey can be the best start for you.

How to see your spirit animal in a dream?

Our dreams have a deep connection with our lives.

If you want to find your spirit animal in your dreams, pay close attention to every dream.

Seeing a specific animal frequently means maybe that it is your spirit animal.

What does a dream about a Whale mean?

Dreaming about a Whale usually means you need to hear your inner voices. 

Try to focus on your feelings and emotions to find what the Whale is trying to tell you in your dreams.

Whales’ dreams may also signify the importance of teamwork and staying with family. It refers to the emotional bond you have with your loved ones.

Whale spirit animal in the dream

Skye Alexander says in her book “The Secret Power of Spirit Animals“(check here for the US);

“If a whale appears to you, whether you are awake or asleep, it may mean that you need to delve deeper into a situation.

It might also encourage you to take a more creative approach or to use your creative abilities more productively.

Sometimes a whale’s appearance can presage an emotional event or experience.”

Spiritual meaning of Whale

The spiritual meaning of Whale includes physical and mental strength, adaptability, survival, protection, and songs. When a Whale appears to you as your spirit animal, you will possess the immense power of the Whale.

As Ayşe Nilgün Arıt says in her book ‘Sacred Guides in Shamanism’;

‘The Whale teaches to understand the wisdom of the universe, to feel the heartbeat of the planet.

It shows the way how to dive deep within ourselves to explore our creativity and imagination.

It heralds that life will be magnificent to those who can add their own color and light to their actions.’

It teaches you to interpret emotions correctly, be conscious of where you stand in life, and understand what actions and emotional impulses have made you reach this point.

If the person is in a drama, he will show what he has to do to get out of here and reach peace.

Killer Whale spiritual meaning

The spiritual meaning of the Killer Whale means security and protection. Call on your Orca Whale spirit animal for guidance whenever you feel threatened.

Humpback Whale spiritual meaning

Humpback Whale’s spiritual meaning refers to communication. Therefore, when a Humpback Whale spirit animal appears to you, it urges you to connect with your spirit animal often.

As Humpback Whales are great singers, when it appears to you, focus on your soul songs – the voices that represent your true self.

What is the spirit animal Whale medicine?

Ayşe Nilgün Arıt describes the characteristics of whales as follows;

“Between dives, the Whale inhales and exhales by rising to the surface. Associating with the spiritual realm and wisdom are these dives and exits.

Under his guidance, there is a pointer to the holistic importance of being able to go back and forth between the conscious level and the subconscious, to listen to your inner voice, and to take control of your life.’

The teaching of the Whale, which can dive very deep despite very high water pressure, shows that it is possible to preserve vitality without being affected by emotional and physical tensions.

It is also recommended that you check whether you are overburdened emotionally or physically when a whale comes into your life.

Whale animal spirit card

Spirit animal oracle Whale is a great way to get insightful messages from your Whale spirit animal. In addition, you can get The wild unknown animal spirit deck Whale (check here for the US). It comes with a guidebook where you will get all the instructions about how to use the cards. 


So, Whale is calling you. Join this fantastic spirit animal to discover your own song and sing your music in this lifetime.

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